Travel Industry Forecast 2024: Year of the Travel Franchise

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Each year, it seems that travel amps up even more. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, with family and friends or solo, tourists delve into nearby locales and far-off destinations to relax, learn something new, make new memories or enjoy varied experiences.

So, how often will travelers be adventuring this year and which experiences will appeal to them the most? Find out as we deliver this travel industry forecast. 2024 is the year to take that trip you’ve been waiting on – and it’s also an incredible time to explore how to get into the travel business yourself. 

Now’s your chance to explore everything the industry has to offer with these tips and trends.

Statistics for the Travel Industry Forecast 2024

Globetrotters set out to experience the food, history, arts and culture of destinations around the world, and that is slated to continue this year as Forbes reports that 92% of tourists are expected to travel as much as they did last year—or more—in 2024. In fact, 40% revealed that they plan to take even more vacations this year.

Even as prices continue to climb, travelers are undeterred, with 39% disclosing in that same study that they would add more money to their travel budget this year.

And what does that mean for specific sectors? The future of the cruise industry, for instance, is bright, with Cruise Industry News reporting that some of the most popular cruise lines are already experiencing high occupancy and long waits for available sailings. In addition, there are 14 new ships that will take to the water this year.

The airline industry, too, is expected to grow with the travel industry forecast 2024, with the International Air Transport Association reporting that a record 4.7 billion people are expected to travel this year, with net profits expected to reach $25.7 billion.

2024 Travel Trends: What to Expect From This Year’s Travelers

As social media influencers showcase what the corners of the world have to offer—and more and more people open themselves up to exploring—the travel industry continues to expand. And with our ever-changing world exerting an influence, it’s no surprise that the 2024 travel trends are more varied than ever.

One popular trend this year is called “go-ccasions,” or tailoring group trips to a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or other celebratory milestone. Also favored are “destination dupes,” which are cities that cost less but may offer similar atmospheres and experiences as more luxury locales. Other trends are outdoor amenities like rooftops on which to lounge, late-night gatherings around fire pits, plunge pools for wellness and more.

With musical artists like Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Niall Horan and Pearl Jam all setting off on world tours this year, “tour tourism” may also boom, allowing fans to combine seeing an epic concert with all of the benefits of traveling.

While still other trends are expected in the travel industry forecast, 2024 is already shaping up to be a year filled with exciting travel experiences.

Why to Consider Tourism Franchise Opportunities

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