How to Get Into the Travel Business

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Do you love walking along tropical sandy beaches? Exploring new cultures? Finding a new place to wander around and discover local cuisine? If you answered yes, then you’re a travel enthusiast. If you enjoy traveling and have an entrepreneurial mindset, you’re probably wondering how to get into the travel business. Perhaps you have thought about having a travel agency of your own, working at home and being your own boss as a travel franchise owner with Dream Vacations.

Nowadays, many people rely on travel agents to book their bucket list vacations, that dream vacation they have been thinking about for some time now. When you book with a Dream Vacations travel agent you get exclusive offers and expertise, saving you time and money. Travel is always on the table, and it remains one of the most booming industries in which to work. In order to turn your passion into a living, you need to know about one of the best-value travel business opportunities in the market.

Do You Need Experience or Education to Be a Travel Franchise Owner?

One of the best things about getting into the travel industry is that no prior experience or education in the travel industry is necessary. Some travel agents have a background in hospitality or related fields, which does help, but others come from many different industries. All you need is a true passion for travel to get started! If you are looking for a career switch and becoming your own boss sounds appealing, then you should consider becoming a franchise owner.

One of the best ways to get the professional expertise you need to be a travel agent is by jumping right into the industry with a franchise travel business. At Dream Vacations Franchise, we provide you with all the training you need to become a successful travel agent at your own pace while setting your own goals. As soon as you become a Franchisee, you are assigned a business development manager who will assist you at all times in developing your business plan and reaching your business goals.  We offer virtual training, more than 1,500 on-demand training courses in our learning center, more than five in-person regional training opportunities every year and market-specific summits at international resorts. You’ll learn not only how to plan vacations for your customers, but also how to run a thriving travel business.

Of course, as a Franchise Owner, one of the best forms of education is going on vacations yourself. We offer discounted trips, also known as familiarization trips, to our Dream Vacations Franchise Owners so they can get hands-on training by enjoying the sights of their favorite places. The best part is that since you can do the job remotely, you can travel and learn to develop your business as you go.

The Logistics of Starting a Dream Vacations Travel Franchise

Starting a travel franchise is very simple and straightforward with Dream Vacations Franchise, thanks to our low overhead costs. Our travel agency start-up costs include a one-time fee as low as $3,500. This low fee makes it one of the most affordable franchises for first-time business owners and those looking for a side income.

Becoming Your Own Boss – Once you are a Franchise Owner, you become your own boss and have the flexibility of working from anywhere with an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can choose to work entirely from home, through a storefront, at a kiosk or away while traveling to your own dream destinations.

Finding Your Clients – You can sell all types of vacations to your clients, or you can choose to niche down your clients into trips like honeymoons, cruises, outdoor adventures, specific continents or countries – basically anywhere around the globe.

Training – After your six-day training at our headquarters, we assist you every step of the way with all the logistics of starting your own Travel Business. We will guide you on how to create a business plan for a travel agency, sort commissions and keep up to date with travel trends. If you already come with a book of business, we can even find advisors for your franchise.

Certifications – Some states require licenses to sell travel. Our franchise opportunity provides you with certifications to get any licenses you may need. You’ll also be assisted with the maintenance of all required industry memberships for your business.

Technology – You will obtain access to our Business Center Intranet and CRM where you can handle your reservations and keep your finances in order. This is a robust, all-in-one tool to operate your business online.

Marketing – Access to key turning lead generation and brand awareness programs, plus customizable marketing material that will fit your local market and your clientele.

You will be provided with a lot of tools to ensure your success after training and ongoing in the travel industry. Dream Vacations has been in the industry since 1992, and has an immense travel network to help you create unforgettable vacations for your clients. We give you ongoing support and enough resources to begin finding clients and earning 100% commission right away.

Get Started with Dream Vacations Franchise

Now that you know how to get into the travel business with a Dream Vacations Franchise, you’re probably excited to get started or have plenty of questions about how the industry works.

Contact us today and you can learn more about our franchise opportunities and ask all your remaining questions at one of our FREE webinars by filling out this form.