Best Franchises: 2023 Outlook for the Travel Industry

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The travel industry is experiencing a tremendous comeback in 2023. According to a recent study by Bloomberg, most American tourists are interested in traveling throughout the year. As bookings continue to grow at near-exponential rates, travel agency franchise owners can take advantage of this growing demand. Now is an incredible time to join one of the nation’s best franchises! 2023 promises to be a strong year for the travel industry – here’s why Dream Vacations is an excellent choice as a top-ranked franchise.

Travel Industry Insights in 2023

Over the past few years, many individuals canceled their vacations because they used credits instead of refunds. Those credits will be used to invest in their travel plans again, and you can be ready for these consumers as a travel agency franchise owner with Dream Vacations. 

For example, will the cruise industry bounce back? Yes, the cruise industry is poised to continue its recovery throughout 2023! With new advancements in technology, such as air filtration systems and UV disinfection, cruise lines are creating cleaner spaces for passengers and becoming even more attractive vacation options. Plus, it’s estimated that more than half of cruise passengers are under the age of 60. As cruise lines continue to invest in new technologies that keep their vacations relevant to younger generations, the future of the cruise industry looks bright. 

With Dream Vacations, you can capitalize on these opportunities and join one of the best franchises to own in the nation. 

Dream Vacations Ranked Among the Best Franchises Nationwide

As a home-based franchise, Dream Vacations is a lucrative choice for entrepreneurs and, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, one of America’s best franchises. 2023 presents many avenues for growth in the travel industry, and for the second year in a row, Dream Vacations was ranked the #1 travel agency franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. This prestigious accolade examines all areas of the franchise model, including brand strength, growth metrics, investment fees and business support for franchisees. 

Furthermore, Dream Vacations is consistently recognized as a top franchise for veterans. U.S. Veterans Magazine, Franchise Business Review, Nerdwallet and Entrepreneur Magazine all rank Dream Vacations as one of the best franchises to own for veterans in the U.S. Our attractive incentive options and veteran-specific resources make us an ideal franchise opportunity for veterans with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. 

Our Unparalleled Business Support and Technologies in the Travel Industry

Why precisely is Dream Vacations considered to be one of the best franchises? 2023 is a year that we dedicated to strengthening our business resources and investing in new technologies to stay on top of consumer trends and support our franchisees. Here’s how we do it as the best travel agency franchise

  • Marketing Technologies: Remaining competitive in an online world is key to our franchisees’ success. That’s why Dream Vacations has invested millions of dollars into top-of-the-line lead generation technologies and national brand awareness campaigns. We dedicate our generous marketing budget to various marketing initiatives, including website creation services, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, video generation, social media management and print advertising. 
  • Extensive Training for Franchisees: When you choose Dream Vacations, you’ll enjoy powerful training resources that provide the information you need to launch your franchise. Plus, we host a robust online training platform that contains hundreds of training modules. With us, you’ll level up your skills, improve business best practices and become a successful franchise owner. 
  • Business Center Intranet: As a work-from-home franchise, Dream Vacations understands the importance of a dynamic CRM to handle reservations, payments, client communications and more. Our all-in-one Business Center Intranet contains all the tools you need to comfortably and effectively run your business from home or while you travel yourself!

Incentives and Perks at Dream Vacations

Our travel agency franchise owners enjoy an array of incentives and perks that only the travel industry can offer. For instance, franchise owners receive 100% of the highest-paying commissions in the industry. Additionally, our owners can travel at greatly reduced rates and love the same cruises and trips as their customers. These vacations, called familiarization trips, or “FAM” trips, provide experience-based knowledge that our franchisees use to sell their clients on similar trips. 

For prospective franchise owners with specific professional backgrounds, Dream Vacations is proud to extend the following discounts: 

  • Community Heroes: First responders, medical professionals and educators can qualify for our Community Heroes discount that offers 20% off the initial franchise cost. 
  • U.S. Veterans & Military Immediate Family: For those who have served this country, as well as military immediate family, we provide a 30% discount off the franchise investment cost. 
  • Travel & Hospitality Professionals: Are you coming to Dream Vacations with prior experience in travel or hospitality? You can qualify for up to 95% off the investment franchise cost. 

Join One of the Best Franchises: 2023 Is Waiting for You

What can new owners expect with Dream Vacations, one of the nation’s best franchises? 2023 promises to be a year of stability and growing demand as consumers continue to search for travel experiences in the U.S. and abroad. Fill out our brief information request or give us a call to get started!