High-Value Business Franchise Opportunity with a Low-Cost Investment

Our franchise opportunity’s low-cost of entry provides you with an exceptionally high value for your investment. You can quickly build a home-based business that allows you to see the world at a highly discounted rate, all while finally having a chance to live a life you love. 

The more you travel, the more you’ll improve your sales skills! Plus, with no inventory and being home-based, your overhead costs are minimal. We have three franchise levels with varying fees, incentives, and discounts:

  • Level 1 | New to the Industry | $10,500
    • For as little as $3,500 down you can begin your journey as a travel franchise owner and finance the balance. 
    • Get up to a 30% discount based on your occupation or community status, including U.S. Veterans, military spouses, medical professionals, teachers, and more.
  • Level 2 | Intermediate | $3,195
    • Intermediate travel and hospitality professionals can enjoy a 70% discount on their franchise fees.
  • Level 3 | Experienced | $495
    • Are you an experienced travel or hospitality professional? Get the highest discount and sign up for Dream Vacations franchise for 95% off.

Benefits of Becoming a Dream Vacation Franchise Owner

Dream Vacations Franchise owners are in a unique position to do their work from anywhere in the world. They have a chance to construct a business that fits their lifestyle, whether they’re working in a home office, traveling full-time, or working from a communal business space. Franchise owners get to choose their own hours and take time off whenever they please. 

The Dream Vacations Franchise opportunity requires no inventory and low overhead costs. This means there is minimal risk standing in the way of a dream career as a travel agent. The Dream Vacations team offers high-quality training and education with ongoing support to help franchise owners reach their goals.

Being a franchise owner is one of the rare opportunities where traveling will enhance your sales skills and grow your business over time. After all, you can’t sell a cruise if you’ve never been on one yourself! If you’re looking for low-cost franchise opportunities, there’s no choice like Dream Vacations.

Why Should You Choose Dream Vacations?

Of all the home-based businesses out there, why is Dream Vacations the right choice? The award-winning company invests in its franchise owners from the start, giving the support you need to make your business a success. Start off on the right foot with the initial live instructor-led virtual training with the Dream Vacations team. Get even more in-depth education with more than 1000 online training modules and get coaching from your dedicated Business Development Manager. 

Dream Vacations is the best travel agency franchise for sale in the industry. As the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations, our earning potential is unmatched. Our innovative business tools allow you to work from anywhere in the world and live the ideal lifestyle for you.

Available Discounts

Dream Vacations franchise is proud to offer discounts for military members and community heroes. The franchise’s company culture is naturally a great fit for military veterans with a passion for travel and entrepreneurship. The military discounts, earning potential, and ideal company make Dream Vacations a top choice for veterans. In fact, the company has been named the No. 1 franchise for military veterans by Military Times, and since 2017 the best travel agency franchise for veterans by Entrepreneur magazine. 

Current discounts for veterans, spouses of veterans, and community heroes include:

  • U.S. Veterans & Active-Duty Spouses:
    • We thank all veterans for their service to our country. The one-time franchise fee for veterans and active-duty spouses is $7,350. The International Franchise Association also offers 30% off the initial fee as part of our VetFran commitment. Veterans must show proof of military affiliation. Get started today.
  • First Responders (Active & Retired):
    • We appreciate all who contribute their time and talents to their community. We believe First Responders are true heroes, making an impact in their community and beyond. Both active and retired First Responders can enjoy 20% off the initial fee when joining the Dream Vacations Franchise. To obtain the discount, just show proof of being an active or retired First Responder.
  • Community Heroes, Medical Professionals, Teachers, etc:
    • Dream Vacations thanks those who contribute their time and talents to their community. These community heroes can get 20% off the initial Dream Vacations franchise fees by speaking with a Dream Vacations Development Manager. Get started today.
  • Promotional Discount:
    • As part of our promotional discount, we are offering 10% off the Dream Vacations fee, totaling a one-time fee of $9,450. To obtain the discount, note that you would like to speak with a Dream Vacations Franchise Development Manager when you apply. Get started today.
  • Experienced Travel & Hospitality Professionals:
    • Experienced travel professionals are eligible for a discounted franchise fee totaling either $495 or $3,195.


Still have questions about Dream Vacations Franchise? Get answers below:

How much is a Dream Vacation franchise? / How much does a Dream Vacations franchise cost?

Dream Vacations franchise is a low-investment opportunity with incredible value. The travel agency franchise cost depends on the level for which you quality. There are three franchise levels that each have different fees, incentives and discounts.

  • If you are new to the industry, entry fees are $10,500, with as little as $3,500 down.
  • Those with intermediate experience in hospitality and travel can join for a one-time fee of $3,195.
  • Experienced travel and hospitality professionals enjoy a one-time fee of $495. 

How do I start my own travel agency? / How do I start my own travel agency business?

Starting your own travel agency is easy with Dream Vacations Franchise. You can start today by following these four steps:

  • Request information online
  • Obtain a travel agent license or certificate
  • Build a clientele
  • Watch your business flourish

How do I become a successful travel agent from home?

Dream Vacations Franchise offers all of the tools you need to become a successful travel agent from home. Once you’ve applied and are a certified travel agent, you’ll participate in a live instructor-led fully virtual initial training from the comfort of your own home to successfully launch your business. You’ll also have access to more than 1000 training modules that you can access from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the support of a dedicated Business Development Manager.