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Travel Perks


When you own a travel agency, you have the incredible opportunity to do what you love and travel the world.

That’s right, one of the many travel agency benefits for our franchise owners are the opportunity to experience vacations free, at a reduced price, and to travel with your Dream Vacations family. When you’re in the travel industry, hands-on learning means you’ll experience vacations for yourself, so you can best sell vacations to your customers.

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Free Travel Opportunities

One of the greatest ways for you to sell travel is to experience it yourself. One of the franchise benefits and a franchise advantage is that you’ll be offered free or significantly reduced rates to travel and learn about new destinations, cruises, and resorts so you can experience the products firsthand. Plus, you’ll be trained on best practices of how to create dream vacations for your customers by sharing your own experiences.

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Discounted Rates

One of the at-home travel agency benefits is the opportunity to take familiarization trips (known as FAM trips). As a franchise owner, you’ll be offered the opportunity to take FAM trips and receive discounted rates on these trips to become familiar with the cruise ships, resorts and guided tours you are selling so you can share your experience with your customers.

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Regional Training at Dream Locations

Held throughout the U.S. multiple times throughout the year, these travel agency training courses provide you the opportunity to network with other franchisees and learn more about your travel agency business. Dream Vacation franchise also provides training at free summits that are often held at international resorts, including a land summit, luxury summit, and honeymoon and wedding summit.

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National Conference

Our annual conference is held onboard a cruise ship for 7 nights and provides our franchise owners with a variety of learning content and networking opportunities. What better way to learn and network with your peers than with a week-long vacation!

Take a look at how much fun we have at national conference!

Dozens of Dream Vacations franchisees at the 2023 Focus National Conference
Bermari Rodriguez

Follow Your Passion

“I have found success in following my passion and selling what I love—travel! Attending the training opportunities is extremely valuable and has contributed to my success. It has given me the chance to learn, ask questions, and network. I believe that to be really good at what you do, you have to personally experience the products. Luckily, owning a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and travel at discounted rates.”

Franchise Owner since 2016

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