2024 Travel Trends: A Fresh Outlook for Travel Agencies

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2024 is set to be another great year for the leisure travel industry, as more and more people look to explore the world and discover new horizons. This year looks exciting for the travel industry with 2024 travel trends moving in some surprising new directions.

According to a report by Expedia, 2024 travel trends will focus more on personal connections and wellness practices:

  • “Set-jetting,” taking a vacation to visit the locale of a TV show or movie, brings you closer to your favorite characters. 
  • Have a music artist that is meaningful to you? Take part in “tour-tourism” and follow them from city to city. 
  • With so much information available about hotels, it’s easy to pick one that matches your vibe—something that is growing in importance for travelers.
  • A growing number of vacationers are “dry-tripping,” that is, looking for alcohol-free experiences. This wellness trend is increasingly popular with younger generations.
  • The market for group travel, whether with family or friends, has expanded as well. People are looking to create more memorable experiences with their loved ones.

Although the travel industry is changing, certain types of trips remain popular. The cruise industry in particular is going strong and adapting to the current trends.

Future of the Cruise Industry

The cruise industry is on the forefront of the new travel boom and is bringing a younger crowd with it. New technology makes cruising easier and more comfortable than ever before. 

Improved hygiene practices like advanced air filtration and UV light disinfection are increasingly common. Some ships even have disinfection robots roaming the decks! Contactless check in is a feature for many cruise lines, using AI and face recognition to make the process as smooth as possible.

Wearable tech allows passengers to access cabins, order room service and even track their travel companions on board. All with the wave of a bracelet.

For the younger passengers, as well as an increasing number of digital nomads, high-speed internet access is a must. Cruise lines are using advanced technology, like satellite links, to increase speed and reliability while at sea. 

Plus, the cruise industry is going greener. Cleaner wastewater treatment systems, exhaust filtration and more environmentally-friendly fuels are all part of the newest ships setting sail.

All of these new innovations make cruise travel agents indispensable to people looking to plan a cruise vacation.  

Could You Be a Cruise Travel Agent?

As the cruise industry is evolving into a more convenient experience on-ship, the planning of the entire trip from beginning to end still requires research and expertise. The seemingly endless choices of destinations, excursions and ships means that customers can leverage guidance to find the perfect vacation. 

Cruise travel agents take care of all the planning so the cruiser can enjoy their vacation worry-free. There is an immense sense of gratification when you bring a dream vacation to life, and by earning a commission on every cruise you sell, you’re able to make a living by giving people the opportunity to make life-long memories.

How to Get Into the Travel Industry

Now is the greatest time to get into the travel industry. If you’re a person who prefers working on your own schedule, you might look into becoming your own boss and starting an agency of your own. A travel agency franchise combines the best elements of entrepreneurship with the support and community of an established brand.

The right franchise will help prepare you for owning your own business. It will help you navigate a business plan and provide tourism training courses to help you customize your business. Look for a franchise that helps you network with other agents and teaches you how to build a client base.

Travel Agent Perks

Selling travel means you need to know first-hand what it’s like. One of the best travel agent perks is getting to travel yourself! 

A major benefit of being a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner is access to free or significantly discounted travel rates. You’ll get to experience the most popular destinations, different cruise lines and new resorts so you can give the best information to your clients. Sharing your own travel tips shows your clients that you want to give them the best trip possible. You’ll be the first to know about new destinations or incredible deals—all of which you can pass on to your clients.

Why Dream Vacations Is the Best Tourism Franchise

2024 travel trends show that people are looking for more connections in their travels. Helping make those connections is the best part of being a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner. 

Dream Vacations provides franchise owners with the flexibility to develop businesses that work for them while still supporting their growth. As an award winning travel franchise – the #1 travel agency franchise – Dream Vacations offers the training and education you need to run a successful business. Added perks are the regional trainings held multiple times throughout the year and the free summits held at international resorts. These are just a some of the 2024 travel trends to come – to find out how to make this life a reality, attend one of our free webinars. Dream Vacations is here to support you!