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With a low cost franchise that has no overhead and no inventory, the world is your oyster when you start a travel agency franchise with us. Pursue your dreams of running your own home based travel business AND seeing the world by helping others plan the vacations they’ve always dreamed about.

You’ll have the choice of brand you’d like to go to market with, Dream Vacations or CruiseOne. Either way, we help you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to run a travel franchise and craft unique vacations. You can give your customers seamless and unique experiences that they’ll remember for years to come.

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  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “When my husband and I started our search for a travel franchise, our goal was to find a respected name with which to align our interests and one that provided the back-end support needed to be successful. We found that and more with the World Travel Holdings’ home-based brands of CruiseOne and Dream Vacations. We started as CruiseOne franchisees and after two years changed over to Dream Vacations to better represent what we do – we make clients’ dream vacations come true whether that’s a visit to Paris in the spring or cruising the Caribbean. A strong corporate headquarters team provides us with support in training, information technology, and supplier relationships (to name just a few). As we approach our third anniversary in business in 2017 with higher sales each consecutive year, we have never been happier with our choice and look forward to continued growth and success with Dream Vacations.”

    Elizabeth Dominguez, Franchise Owner since 2014
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “I spent a decade working for an airline. After 9/11, I accepted a severance package and founded a PR firm. Over the past few years, I’ve been yearning to get back into the travel business. When my husband and I recently took a cruise, I was hooked! I researched extensively for a business model that would let me continue running my PR firm while rediscovering my passion for travel. CruiseOne consistently surfaced as the top choice. Today, I am a CruiseOne Franchise Owner having the time of my life!”

    Valerie Harris, Franchise Owner since 2010
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “As the current top producing franchise for Dream Vacations / CruiseOne we have repeatedly been in situations that have required support and guidance from the Headquarters staff. Every request and opportunity has been met with a consultative and partnership approach to finding a workable solution that is fair to all involved. We couldn’t be any happier with the support we get from the home office and the value that they provide to us in the field. The recent addition of the Dream Vacations brand to the marketing mix underscores the franchisor’s commitment to keep our brand fresh and poised for growth in the coming years.”

    Gary E. Smith, Franchise Owner since 2004
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “I’ve been selling travel under the CruiseOne name for more than 12 years. This was great at first, when all I sold was cruises. But as our portfolio grew to include all things related to vacations, the name just didn’t work. My clients just never remembered that I was a Vacation Specialist and not just a Cruise Specialist. I was thrilled to be able to rebrand to Dream Vacations. And as it turns out, the publicity surrounding the rebranding has generated a lot of interest from new potential customers, as well as existing clients who thought I only sold cruises and now want me to book their other vacations.”

    Alan Rosenbaum, Franchise Owner since 2003
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “We decided to make the change from CruiseOne to Dream Vacations because over the prior six years as a franchise, our clients thought we only sold cruises. With the name change to Dream Vacations, we will now be recognized as a go-to team for all types of vacations not just cruises. The name change will help us propel our business to the next level and we are up for the challenge.”

    Chris & Cheryl Schubert, Franchise Owners since 2008
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “After being a franchise owner of McDonald’s with one of the highest volume restaurants in NYC and ranked one of the top 20 locations in the nation, I decided to stop selling Happy Meals and transition to another franchise business in an industry I was passionate about. I fell in love with cruising in 2000 and decided to follow my passion in becoming a cruise specialist. I joined CruiseOne in 2001 and rebranded as Dream Vacations in 2016. For the past eight years, my agency has ranked the number one producer in the NY area. I love sharing my excitement of cruising with my clients.”

    Kathy Eng, Franchise Owner since 2008
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “Switching to Dream Vacations was the best business decision I ever made, I have been receiving so many calls since I started posting about our transition. I knew this was going to happen, people needed to know I could help them with more than cruises and now they do. I love the support I received from Headquarters and the seamless transition going live!”

    Monica Calenda, Franchise Owner since 2014
  • Our Franchise Owners say it best!

    “Owning a Dream Vacations travel franchise is ideal for military spouses because it is a business that can travel with you. My husband is an Army officer and we have moved nine times in 15 years of marriage. I was even able to keep my business running while stationed overseas. It also is a good opportunity for spouses because military families love to travel during the limited time they have together, and knowing how to get them military rates on their vacations gives you an advantage over other agents. You also have the trust of the military family as a military spouse so they want your help with their vacation planning.”

    Toni & Joseph Verastegui, Franchise Owners since 2012

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