How to Make Money as a Retiree With a Travel Franchise

three retirees posing for a picture

Congratulations on your retirement! Now that you’ve got some more time on your hands, have you thought about what you could do with it?

Do you plan to travel the world, ticking places off your bucket list? Are you planning to spend more time with your grandchildren, or be more involved in your local community? Or, how about starting up your own business?

That last one may surprise you, but knowing how to make money as a retiree can be a great way to keep your mind active and make your other bucket list items even more achievable! With that extra income, you can better support the causes you care about, spoil your family as much as you want, enjoy more hobbies and, of course, take all those vacations you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

You may be wondering how you can start a business in retirement. Good news: If you love to travel, one amazing way to become an entrepreneur is by becoming a travel franchise owner with Dream Vacations.

Starting a Franchise Business in Retirement

If you’re retired and looking to start a business, you’re likely looking for flexible, enjoyable opportunities that allow you to leverage the skills you’ve built during your entire career. When you want to keep your mind occupied, but want to look at something more adaptable than a 9-5, buying a travel agency is a fun and dynamic means of earning money in a way that fits around your new lifestyle.

Plus, if you’re thinking of starting up a post-career side gig, then you’re in good company. Statistics show that around half of voluntary retirees in the U.S. retire early because they want to do something else, and around half of U.S. small businesses are owned by over 55s. In fact, there are more entrepreneurs aged over 55 than there are between 25 and 35 – and 2024 travel trends show that as we live longer, that number will continue to rise.

What Do You Do as a Franchise Owner?

If you’re ready to start seeing the world and want to help others do the same, then becoming a Dream Vacations franchise owner will tick all the boxes. You’ll be self-employed as a business owner, but also able to use the strong Dream Vacations brand equity. That means you’ll be joining this competitive industry with a brand that has more than 30 years of experience and campaigns to build national brand awareness. Plus, you can fit running your business around your existing hobbies and commitments, and work as much or as little as you see necessary as the business owner.

On a day-to-day level, your “job” will involve planning itineraries, making recommendations, booking extras and providing great all-round service to your clients. You’ll spend time keeping up with all the latest vacation trends and hot offers, and handling administrative tasks for your business. Luckily, by becoming a Dream Vacations franchise owner, you’ll have access to our award-winning training programs and caring support by our headquarters team. 

What Experience Do I Need?

Learning how to make money as a retiree with Dream Vacations means no previous travel or entrepreneurship experience is needed – all you need is a willingness to put in the work, eagerness to learn and an entrepreneurial spirit to give things a go! We’ll teach you everything else you need to know, from an intensive weeklong initial training to our library of more than 1,500 on-demand educational courses.

Of course, if you’ve served in the military, many veteran business owners already have certain skills that will come in handy, such as organization, time management and budgeting – 35% of Dream Vacations franchisees are veterans. If you have experience in communications, event planning, social media or business administration, that will also help, especially if you’ve worked in travel, events or hospitality in the past. Depending on your experience, you might even be eligible for a discount on your franchise fee!

 Supercharge Your Retirement With Dream Vacations

You’ve been working hard all your life, and now’s the time to reap the rewards! However you want to fulfill your dream, including working from a cruise ship, spend more time exploring or even joining the many retirees in the Sunshine State and learning how to become a travel agent in Florida! Perhaps you want to set up your home office exactly where you are, letting you work from the comfort of your home – whatever you choose, becoming a travel franchisee with Dream Vacations is an ideal way to have fun and keep busy in the “golden years.”

So, if you’re ready for a new beginning as a retiree “travelpreneur,” we’re ready to help you get started. Get in touch with our team today – give us a call at 800-892-3928 or sign up to watch our webinar – we’ll show you how to make money in retirement, whichever industry you’re coming from!