Why Veteran Business Owners Make Great Travel Agency Owners

a veteran business owner of Dream Vacations sightseeing

Veteran business owners are a crucial segment of the American economy. About two million vets in the U.S. own a business, employing about five million people. Those two million veteran business owners account for about 9% of all small businesses in the U.S.

If you’re wondering how to start a veteran owned business, you can look beyond the idea of starting from scratch and look to another exciting option – franchising! Franchising is an affordable, simple method that allows your new business to hit the ground running.

It’s important to choose a franchise that offers a strong brand, a growing business model and best-in-class support. Given your unique skill set and experiences, a travel agency franchise could be one of the best franchise opportunities for veterans

At Dream Vacations, about one-third of our franchisees are veterans! This has been such a successful pipeline, because veteran business owners often have a variety of qualities that make them incredible leaders in the travel industry. 

Veteran Business Owners Are: 

1. Independent – When you’re a travel franchise owner, you are your own boss! 

While that comes with many perks, it demands a passion for your business and a hard-working attitude. Luckily, as a veteran, you may have just that! Because of their military experience, veterans have learned how to stay motivated, work hard, and rely on themselves to be successful. 

“In the military I learned a lot of independence, depending on myself to make sure I can get a mission accomplished,” said Ronald Beverly, Sr., a veteran and Dream Vacations franchise owner

2. Detail-Oriented – Serving in a branch of the military is arguably one of the most detail-oriented jobs. Attention to detail in the military is absolutely critical – as it should be. 

Launching a travel agency similarly depends on the details! Our veteran business owners at Dream Vacations are excellent at handling the little things, from ensuring smooth logistics for a family of six to juggling multiple clients’ needs. 

“The attention to detail I got from the military was a really big key in setting all this up because detail is very important when you’re doing travel,” said Cameron Olson, one of our Dream Vacations veteran business owners. “You don’t want to make the mistakes some people may make booking it on their own.”

3. Resourceful – Situations you’ve been through in the military have probably forced you to think outside the box. The great news is you can use that adaptability as a travel franchise owner. Planning travel requires a dynamic, flexible mindset. You’ll be thrown challenges like logistics, scheduling, and more. With your skills and the support of Dream Vacations, this is easy work for veteran business owners. 

4. Great Communicators – Just like attention to detail, great communication in the military is vitally important. Being able to effectively communicate with your team is critical, which is why many veteran business owners can translate those awesome communication skills into their travel business.

Beverly, Sr. mentioned the importance of “communicating with your clients and … trying to find out what they need.” Sometimes, people planning a vacation aren’t yet sure what they need! So open communication is important to figure out exactly what they want from their trip.

5. Experienced Travelers 

As a veteran, you may have been all over the world. Many veterans know the ups and downs of travel and can speak from experience on how to navigate those. Depending on where your future clients want to visit, you may have even already been there and will be able to tell them all about it! 

Owning a travel agency is a great way to combine your previous experience, unique skill set and — of course — your love for seeing the world.

“My love for travel is really what got me in the military in the first place,” Olson said. “I traveled to many countries, so after I got out of my Navy time, my love for travel really translated perfectly for being a travel specialist.”

Are There Any Incentives for Veteran Franchisees

Yes! Dream Vacations offers a 30% discount on the initial investment for becoming a franchisee. This, combined with all the veteran-specific marketing assets we offer, will help get your business off the ground in no time. 

That support is exactly why so many vets see Dream Vacations as one of the best franchises for veterans

“I actually found out about this franchise on a veteran’s website,” said Kimberly Foster, a veteran and Dream Vacations franchisee. “[Dream Vacations] was listed as one of the top five franchises for veterans!” 

She’s right: several publications, including Military Times and Forbes all listed Dream Vacations as the best franchise for veterans.
We’re proud of our commitment to helping veteran business owners thrive. So, if you’re ready to use all your hard-earned skills and expertise to start your own home-based travel agency, reach out to our team today!