What Do You Do as a Franchise Owner: Top 5 Responsibilities

Dream Vacations franchisee posing in front of the Taj Mahal - what do you do as a franchise owner?

Becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner opens a whole new world for you! You’ll be your own boss, setting your schedule and working where you want. As you embark on an entrepreneurial journey to grow your business within the travel industry, people might ask you, “What do you do as a franchise owner?” Since every day is different, this can be a complex question! However, your day-to-day tasks boil down to five main responsibilities.

Create and Maintain a Business Plan

As a travel business owner, you’re tasked with executing a successful business plan. Luckily, with Dream Vacations, you’re given top-notch support to build out your plan. Dream Vacations offers all franchise owners the tools and support system to help you start, run and grow your business. When you become an owner, you will be assigned a Business Development Manager to help you navigate all things business and marketing.

This is a unique feature of the Dream Vacations Franchise. When it comes to a travel franchise vs host agency, a key difference is that a travel franchise operates under a trustworthy and established brand name–like Dream Vacations. That brand name signals to your clients that you’re credible while providing you the support and tools to be just that.  

Grow a Client Base

You might have the best customer service and most innovative vacation plans, but building a strong client base is critical to a successful travel franchise. When it comes to knowing how to manage a franchise, the owner’s primary responsibility is to bring in customers. Dream Vacations can help with our extensive training and marketing programs.

It all comes back to you and your passion for traveling. After all, everyone loves talking about their all-time favorite vacations! Start growing your list of clientele by looking around at your family, friends, and even casual acquaintances. Ask them questions and share your own experience. A simple conversation can lead to a new customer!

Work With Clients to Plan Their Dream Vacation

This is at the heart of what Dream Vacations can provide. Everyone has that unique dream vacation–a luxury cruise, a relaxing beach getaway or jet-setting across Europe. They might need a little help and a nudge to get all the details planned out. As a franchise owner, you’re working directly with travelers to help them plan and execute their ultimate holiday plans. You’ll listen to them and their vision before bringing in your travel expertise! 

Arrange Travel Plans for Client

Your expertise and knowledge, combined with the exclusive promotions and value provided by Dream Vacations, makes arranging the finer details of travel a part of your business where you’re sure to excel once given the right tools.

A day in the life of a franchise owner includes time spent connecting with suppliers to build out vacations for your clients. With preferred partnerships with major cruise lines and tour operators, you must leverage the tools accessible to you as a Dream Vacations franchise owner. Plus, since everything is web-based, you can help clients arrange their travel plans anytime and from anywhere (including while on your own)!

Participate in Training Courses to Stay Up to Date

As a franchise owner, you’ll always be given the newest information from the travel sector. All new franchise owners start their Dream Vacations business with an introductory six-day training, along with ongoing updates about trends in every segment of this industry. After all, the travel industry is constantly evolving. Adapting to new trends and tools is necessary.

That’s why Dream Vacations offers more than 1,500 online courses, hosts five or more regional training a year and constantly strives to offer you the best tools in the industry! These training opportunities allow owners to continue developing their expertise and creating a more fun, engaging client experience.

Answering the question “what do you do as a franchise owner?” is just the beginning. Find out more about becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner by filling out this form or calling at 800-892-3928.