The Secret to Establishing a Travel Agency: Franchising

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Whether you love to share stories about destinations near and far or are simply looking for a way to ensure entrepreneurial success, launching a career in the travel industry may just make sense — and it might be easier than you think.

One of the best ways to go about establishing a travel agency is through franchising. A Dream Vacations travel franchise provides everything you need to start your journey to entrepreneurship. Using the tools, resources, and powerful brand equity of Dream Vacations allows your business to hit the ground running!

With the travel industry booming, enjoy helping clients plan their dream vacations. In addition to owning your own business, you’ll be able to work from home and embrace travel agency trends as you grow your franchise.

Establishing a Travel Agency Will Make You a Travel Business Owner

Two of the most exciting things about establishing a travel agency are linking your career with your passion for travel and getting paid to work in a field you enjoy. 

If you’re wondering how much do franchise owners make, IBIS World released statistics revealing that United States travel agencies generated more than $37 billion in revenue in 2023. And what could be better than getting paid to partake in an exciting industry like travel? Dream Vacations Franchise Owners have the benefit of buying into the top-ranked travel franchise, a tremendous value with initial fees that start as low as $3500. 

In addition, franchise owners can experience free or discounted travel as they work to familiarize themselves with the destinations, resorts and cruises they are offering. This ensures that the franchise owner is able to share his or her own expertise to create dream vacations for clients.

When it comes to learning about how to start a vacation planning business, the Dream Vacations franchising opportunity has everything you need. When you decide to become a Dream Vacations Franchisee, you’ll join for a weeklong intensive training class – and have access to constantly-evolving continuing education. 

Work From Home Anywhere by Establishing a Travel Agency

Starting your own business can be a big step, but one of the things that makes becoming a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise owner so appealing is the ability to work from home. This opens the career path up to those with an entrepreneurial spirit who are looking to generate a second income, as well as those who need flexibility in their work life, like stay-at-home moms, or simply for anyone looking to work from home anywhere in the world.

You’ll work with your dedicated Business Development Manager as you begin establishing a travel agency with Dream Vacations to guide you along the proved path to success. Beginning your entrepreneurship journey with Dream Vacations requires only an internet connection and a device on which to do your work. Whether you’re working in your living room, poolside, or on a resort balcony, as long as you can do research and connect with clients, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to find success selling travel.

Many will find value in being able to work from home as you become a travel business owner, and becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner provides a trusted toolkit for success regardless of your background or experience. 

Dream Vacations Franchise: Necessary Steps for Entrepreneurial Growth

As you begin your journey toward owning your own Dream Vacations franchise, discover how to start a travel agency from home. The Dream Vacations team will walk you through everything you need to begin your journey to travel entrepreneurship.

Once you launch your Dream Vacations franchise, you’ll undergo a weeklong training course and enjoy access to more than 1,500 web-based modules for further training as you go. When you dive in, make sure to market your business so that you can continue to expand and find success.
As you begin taking the steps toward establishing a travel agency, remember that even while you will own your own business, Dream Vacations is by your side every step of the way. To get started on your journey with the tools and resources offered by this established business, register for our webinar or reach out today to talk with the Dream Vacations team at 800-892-3928.