How Much Do Franchise Owners Make?

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Buying a franchise can be a low-risk way for individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets to get into the world of business. The costs of a franchise tend to be much lower than starting your own standalone business, plus you get a support system and the power of a recognized brand name behind you. But how much do franchise owners make each year?

The answer to that question depends on the type of franchise you own — profit margins in some businesses are much narrower than others — and how much work you’re willing to put in as a franchise owner.

Wondering how to become a travel agent franchise owner? If you have a passion for travel, as well as a business mindset, the best starting point for you might be a Dream Vacations Franchise. With Dream Vacations, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping your customers plan their perfect vacation — all while making some money for yourself along the way!

How Does Dream Vacations Work?

When you sign up to be a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you’ll be the owner of travel agency dreams of your very own! You’ll have the knowledge and expertise of Dream Vacations — a powerhouse in the travel industry — behind you as you run your business coordinating travel experiences and making your customers’ ideal vacations come to life. You are also assigned a Franchise Business Development Manager that will be a key supporter in assisting you in developing the road map for your business to thrive. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Dream Vacations has set itself apart by offering vast support to franchisees and personalized booking services to clients.

Franchise Owners may also have Dream Vacations Advisors working for them. Advisors are independent contractors who work alongside Franchise Owners, benefitting from their mentorship and guidance as they work in the travel industry.

How Much Do Dream Vacation Franchise Owners Make?

If you’re wondering, “How much can you make with a Dream Vacations franchise?” the answer will depend on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it. Franchise Owners earn a percentage of every sale they make as a commission. This includes not only base vacation packages, but also travel protection packages, excursions, hotel stays, consolidated airfares, optional cruise features and experiences outside cruises, like all-inclusive resort stays, tours, travel insurance and more.

Low Cost, High Rewards

While looking at how much you can make as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you should also look at the costs of a franchise. With fees as low as $3,500, Dream Vacations Franchises are some of the most affordable franchises out there today. Many Dream Vacations Franchise Owners are first-time business owners with entrepreneurial spirits who want to work from home to generate secondary income for their household. Dream Vacations is also one of the best franchises for veterans, as we offer discounts to veterans who want to join our franchise system.

Included in your franchise fee, you’ll get access to support from the dedicated Dream Vacations corporate team and a passionate community of your fellow Franchise Owners, flexible on-demand training courses, industry-leading online reservation and financial systems and millions of dollars’ worth of award-winning marketing material that you can customize to fit your market and generate leads.

You’ll also have the chance to go on familiarization trips for significantly reduced rates. These trips will give you first-hand knowledge of new resorts, cruise ships and destinations that you can pass on to your customers! If you’ve got enough information to answer the question, “How much do franchise owners make?” and are eager to get started as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, fill out our brief information request HERE or give us a call TODAY!