2023 Travel Agency Trends: Making a Comeback

Franchisee holding up Dream Vacations sign

More than ever before, consumers are using a trusted travel agent to help plan and coordinate their vacations. The travel industry is booming, and with more and more Americans utilizing travel advisors to book their getaways, there are so many franchise success stories to share. The fast-paced travel industry is always changing; here are some travel agency trends to watch for the present and near future.

Travel Agencies Are Thriving

There are so many benefits for a customer working with a travel advisor. With extensive experience and access to the best values, a travel agent is a truly invaluable tool. Across the board, the trend in the travel industry is that customers are looking for more support and care during and prior to their vacations.

Travel advisors from a tourism franchise have the knowledge and skills to help travelers make the right choices. In a world where wellness and self-care are becoming a priority, consumers are relying on travel agents to save time and alleviate stress.

Travel Agency Trends in 2023

Many travelers desire someone to lead the way during long international trips. However, consumers are increasingly using travel agencies for various vacation types, such as river cruises and voyages featuring celebrity chefs. In fact, according to the American Express survey, 47% of Gen-Z and Millennial respondents have planned an entire trip to visit a specific restaurant.

The rise of social media and its influence on tourism have also shown signs of powerful growth. The American Express survey also reports that 75% of respondents want to travel to a destination after seeing it on social media, and 48% want to travel somewhere they can show off on social media. One of the key components of how to be a successful travel agent is having a strong digital presence. 

Showing off destinations and deals and establishing yourself as an expert in travel will inspire followers to book a getaway. One of the exciting benefits of becoming a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise owner is that you’ll have access to incredible tools to help you connect with your customers digitally – like professionally-produced videos and an automated social post-program.

Becoming a Travel Franchise Owner

According to recent travel agency trends, leisure vacations and sightseeing remain a top priority for many Americans. If you’re interested in becoming a travel professional and helping guide people on their own getaways, Dream Vacations is one of the best franchises to own in 2023 for travel lovers. Join us at our next webinar or call us at 800-892-3928 to learn more about starting a career as a travel franchise owner.