The Life of a Travel Business Owner: What You Need to Know

life of a travel agent looking at papers

A travel agency can help its clients make the most of their budgets by doing all the groundwork. From researching destinations to finding the best deals, agencies handle it all. Sometimes, a travel business owner will even look at forecasts throughout the year to find the best times to travel to certain destinations and the best prices.

Travel agencies first came about in 1822 when Robert Smith declared himself as the first travel advisor and operator, booking passengers on steamers going from Bristol, England to Dublin, Ireland. Since then, the role of a travel business owner has evolved alongside advances in travel technology like the airplane, trains and cruise ships.

Your experience working in the travel industry can vary depending on the number of clients you take on and the technology you can access. However, if you’re interested in a career where you control your hours and can work from home and from anywhere in the world, Dream Vacations might be the perfect fit for you – read on to learn how to become a travel agent, and what the unique work-life balance is like.

Life as a Travel Agent

The daily tasks of a travel agent are based on your clientele and the available resources. You can spend your days looking at the best deals, finding new, adventurous travel destinations, and checking on different activities to do in each destination. From dining options to nearby shops to entertainment, there’s no aspect of a client’s trip you won’t touch.

On top of finding all the best rates for vacation packages, tours, resorts, cruises and more, you’ll be in close contact with your clients, sharing different packages you’ve put together that meet their needs and budget.

The life of a travel agent can be exciting; knowing that you can work from anywhere while still providing exceptional service to your clients is a major bonus. You’ll also have the chance to go on familiarization trips to check out new resorts, cruise ships and destinations at significantly reduced rates. You can then use that knowledge to help your clients plan their perfect trip!

Life of a Franchise Owner with Dream Vacations

As a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, how much you get out of it depends on how much work you’re willing to put into it. Dream Vacations Franchise Owners earn a percentage of every sale they make as a commission. This includes not only base cruise packages but also things like:

  • Travel protection packages
  • Excursions
  • Hotel bookings
  • Consolidated airfares
  • Optional cruise features
  • All-inclusive resort bookings
  • Tours
  • Travel insurance and more

How Does Dream Vacations Franchise Work?

When you sign up to be a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you’ll be the owner of your very own travel agency! You’ll have the knowledge and expertise of Dream Vacations — a powerhouse in the travel industry — behind you as you gain experience as a travel business owner. You become part of a franchise, a proven business model, with more than 1,600 franchise owners that will share best practices with you.

You work with a business development manager assigned to you that will help you prepare, design and achieve your business goals by making your customers’ ideal vacations come to life. Dream Vacations has set itself apart by offering personalized booking services to clients while working around their busy schedules.

Dream Vacations franchises are some of the most affordable franchises available today. Our franchise fee is one of the lowest out there — as low as just $3,500 — and we also offer discounts to military veterans.

If you are looking for other options and still want a home-based travel agent business, then consider becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor. Advisors are independent contractors who work alongside franchise owners, benefitting from their mentorship and guidance as they get to know and work in the travel industry.

Locations Travel Agents Can Work

Dream Vacations Franchise Owners and Advisors can work from just about anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re looking for the opportunity to be a work-from-home travel agent, or even to work from beside the pool at a tropical resort, Dream Vacations is just the answer! If you have access to the internet and a smart device that can keep up, you can communicate with clients and research the best deals.

Starting up your own travel business with Dream Vacations gives you more flexibility along with the tools you need to get started in the travel industry.

Tourism Training and Education

While training courses, certifications and degrees in tourism can be helpful, they’re not required to get into the travel industry. People with tourism certifications and degrees in hospitality might be more knowledgeable, but these are not a requirement for a qualified and successful travel agent.

The great thing is that if you become part of Dream Vacations, either as a franchise owner or an advisor, you’ll have access to virtual, in-person and on-demand training courses. You can even earn certifications in specialties such as travel health and safety, destinations, and specific product types. These accolades can set you apart from your competition and propel your career forward.

If you’re interested in a career as a travel business owner and some great home-based travel business opportunities, contact Dream Vacations today to find out what we have to offer!