Top 5 Reasons To Use Travel Agents

Cartoon boat sailing on water promoting national plan a cruise month.

While many people think the invention of the Internet has made travel agents obsolete, the opposite is actually true. Yes, it is fun to research vacation options and it can be easy to book online; however, the endless search results and multitude of options make it a very overwhelming experience.

Working with a travel agent is like having a real-life Google or Siri at your fingertips; but instead of just giving a tremendous amount of options, he or she can narrow down the choices for you and offer advice based on your needs, interests and demographics — creating a truly customized vacation just for you.

In celebration of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) designating October as “National Plan a Cruise Month,” here are five reasons to book your cruise vacation with a travel agent.

  1. To Save Time And Money – Agents can help plan every detail of your trip such as airport transfers, dining reservations, tours and more. Agents who are part of a travel franchise have strong relationships with the cruise lines and often have access to exclusive promotions and deals that result in their clients getting the best value. In the long run, they will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to planning your dream vacation.


  1. Obtain Expert Advice – The average traveler may only book one cruise vacation a year, while a travel agent books hundreds a year and goes through extensive training. Travel agents work with all cruise lines and make sure to match the perfect cruise and cabin to their customer’s vacation desires. For example, a retired couple may not want to go on a cruise that is filled with young families or spring breakers.
  2. Get Personalized Service – Travel agents are often available around-the-clock and will go the extra mile to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possibly from booking to when you return home. As your partnership develops, they are attuned to your interests and can alert you to exciting vacations that have enticing deals which may be of interest to you.
  3. Have A Travel Advocate – Vacations do not always go as planned and travel agents are available to help with unforeseen circumstances that may arise while you are on vacation, whether you missed a flight connection, need to file a travel protection claim, lost luggage and more. A vacation is a time to get away, escape and relax, not to worry. 
  4. Know That The Details Are Covered – In addition to planning the details of a cruise vacation, there are so many other considerations that travelers often overlook. Travel agents are expert travelers and have a wealth of knowledge they can share with their clients who may only vacation once a year. They can help with Passport registration and renewals, packing tips, facilitating groups and reunions and so much more.

If you love to travel and help other people plan their dream vacations, owning a home-based travel franchise may be the perfect career for you.