Use Your Business Hospitality and Tourism Management Skills

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Tourism and hospitality is one of the largest industries in the U.S., with nearly 15 million people working in the sector. The industry is also a perfect place to begin if you’d like to start your own travel business. At Dream Vacations, we make that transition even easier. For those with experience or education in business hospitality and tourism management, becoming a franchise owner is an excellent opportunity to build on existing skills, earn a great living and become your own boss. 

What is Business Hospitality and Tourism Management

There are many factors in the tourism and hospitality business – food/beverage service companies, hotels and resorts, tourism companies, amusement parks or events. Such skills include: 

  • Operations
  • Event planning
  • Marketing and social media
  • Human resources
  • Management of a team
  • Project management
  • Customer service 
  • Attention to detail

Luckily for you, all those skills can translate into building a successful travel and tourism franchise. Becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner means you can parlay your previous experience into an exciting (and lucrative) new opportunity, where you earn 100% commission — and become your own boss.

Using Existing Skills, Plus Low Cost Franchise Opportunities, to Build Your Business 

Franchising is a proven way to successfully start your own travel business. Whatever experience you have in travel, Dream Vacations Franchise is one of the most profitable franchises to own. Plus, if you already have skills in business hospitality and tourism management, we offer lucrative discounts. 

Discounts of up to 95% on the initial franchise fee are given to existing travel professionals. With the discounts, you can feel confident that you’re getting an extremely valuable franchise opportunity — and maximizing your chance to build a thriving business. 

How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

As a travel franchise owner, you’d be your own boss – allowing you to operate your business in the way that you see best – on your own schedule. So, if you’re making this shift from industry employee to agency owner, you might be wondering: How do travel agents make money? 

Generally, the primary way is through commission. Commission amounts will depend on the supplier (the hotel, resort, cruise line, etc.), the monetary value of the booking, and your agency’s relationship with the supplier. As a franchise owner with Dream Vacations, you can leverage the buying power of our 30+ years of experience to earn 100% of the industry’s top-tier commission. 

Some travel advisors elect to charge additional flat fees for their services. And remember, if you have experience in business hospitality and tourism management, you can use that to your advantage here. Potential customers looking for vacation planning from someone with extensive knowledge and a strong attention to detail are more likely to pay for booking services from someone who knows what they’re doing! Depending on your time in the industry, that person may be you – and regardless of your experience, the training and support offered by Dream Vacations allows any dedicated entrepreneur to excel in the travel industry!

Use Your Industry Experience to Build a Travel Agency Business Plan 

So, you’ve decided to build your own travel business. For the best chance at success, you’ll also want to design a travel agency business plan. This is where you’ll dive into financial projections, marketing plans, expenses, day-to-day operations and more. 

The good news is that if you’re coming from a hospitality and tourism background, you likely already have experience with business plans. Whether you were a manager of a bed and breakfast or an operations director for a tour company, you know what it takes to make day-to-day plans, forecast into the future, and identify opportunities in the market. 

With such a background, you’ll also know how travel and tourism organizations can stand out above the noise in a crowded marketplace. That will all come in handy in your own travel agency marketing. Best of all, when you join the Dream Vacations family, you’ll become part of a community of experts who will support you at every step of the way!

Become Part of the Dream Vacations Franchise Family Today

Joining one of the most profitable franchises to own is already a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to become their own boss in the travel industry. For those who already have hospitality or tourism experience, the opportunity is tremendously lucrative. 
Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner. If you’re someone who already has experience with business hospitality and tourism management, speak to the Dream Vacations recruitment team to see the investment discounts for which you qualify!