How A Former Office Manager Became a Travel Agent

Brittney Ferguson

Brittney Ferguson previously worked as an office manager for a corporate medical company. She decided she wanted to enjoy what she did for a living rather than being caught up in the rat race of corporate America. So, she spent several years researching how to become a travel agent before joining Dream Vacations.

Brittney finds that her office-related skills from her previous job has helped in working through the learning process and keeping organized. This has been crucial during the early stages of owning a business as she learns the ins and outs. On a similar note, Brittney believes it is important for new franchise owners to set realistic expectations for themselves. Owning and operating a travel agency business requires time to invest in personal and professional growth through learning about the industry. Success does not happen overnight.

Brittney’s Dream Vacation is to travel through Chile to try all the wines, visit Patagonia and head down through Cape Horn. From there, she would visit Antarctica.