The Rising Demand for Cruise Travel Agents

Cruise ship at dock of gorgeous beach with people boarding

Selling Cruises

For many people, taking a cruise is a dream vacation, whether their hearts are set on the glacial towers in Alaska or the white sandy beaches along the Caribbean. However, despite how magical their dream vacation may seem, many individuals are held back by their own doubts, fears, and uncertainties.

How much would a cruise like that cost? Which cruise line should we use? Where should we go?

Once they grasp the complex enormity of it all, it’s not uncommon for them to shelf their dream indefinitely. Instead of facing an overwhelming heap of possibilities (good or bad), they hide comfortably behind their doubt, justifying their surrender with fabricated responsibilities and ties.

We probably can’t afford it anyway. We can’t abandon our lives here for that long. I have too much going on right now anyway; maybe when we retire…

And the list goes on.

How fulfilling would it be to help those timid dreamers obtain the adventurous and fascinating life they’ve been wishing for? As a cruise travel agent with your own cruise franchise, your job is to help couples, families, and solo travelers experience the world in a way they didn’t think possible, to create everlasting memories filled with joy, excitement, and appreciation for the world we live in.

Aside from the major sense of gratification, what do you get in return? A commission on every cruise you sell. As a cruise travel agent, you quite literally earn a living by making dreams come true.

How many cruises can one actually sell as a Dream Vacations Franchise travel agent?

It’s a good question, but one that is impossible to put a number to. The demand for cruise vacation packages is at an all-time high and according to the F-CCA, that increasing demand currently outweighs industry supply. Millions and millions of people across the globe are boarding cruise ships every year and those numbers are steadily rising — as is the interest in booking with a travel agent.

In a recent article published by Fortune, the increasing interest in hiring a human travel agent — as opposed to booking through online travel sites — is explored in depth. The bottom line? Travel agents have made a comeback, and it’s happening fast, especially with home-based travel agency business models like Dream Vacations.

As if the hard data weren’t enough reason to board the Dream Vacation Franchise opportunity, there is also the rare benefit of selling a truly versatile product: a massive variety of cruise vacations. What does this mean for you and your cruise franchise? With so many different destinations, cruise lines, and cruise types to choose from, you will be able to craft the perfect vacation for just about anybody.

Cruise Vacations & Beyond

With so many different ways to create a cruise getaway, you can very well specialize in and offer cruise trips exclusively. After all, it is your business. However, as a Dream Vacation Franchise travel agent, you are not bound by vacations on the water. You can also choose to experience, pitch, and sell a variety of different day trips, longer land-based getaways, and excursions for all kinds of bucket lists and preferences. Join the Dream Vacation Franchise today to earn a living by planning cruise packages, tours, destination weddings, family vacations, honeymoons, and so much more.