Why Buy a Franchise Business? 2,000 Owners Have the Answer

group of eight franchisees with a Dream Vacations sign

At Dream Vacations, we’ve always been about helping people follow their dreams – whether that’s being their own boss, living their dream lifestyle, seeing the world – or all three! And when it comes to supporting our amazing team of travel professionals, we must be doing something right – because we’ve just achieved the incredible milestone of welcoming our 2,000th franchise owner!

So, why buy a franchise business with Dream Vacations? If you’re passionate about travel, keen to learn and have just the right amount of entrepreneurial spirit, we can help you build the life you’ve been dreaming of.

What’s So Special About Dream Vacations?

Dream Vacations is a travel franchise company offering aspiring “travelpreneurs” the opportunity to operate as independent travel professionals under our name. That means that while Dream Vacations Franchise Owners are self-employed and can run their business on their own terms, they’re entitled to use our branding, marketing and operating systems, and access a caring team of support staff at our headquarters.

Along with that, they also get the backing of an established company with the benefit of more than 30 years of industry experience – plus, the advantage of having a recognized name that travelers know and trust. It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve grown into a community of 2,000 franchise owners operating in all 50 states! We’re also one of the best franchises to own if you’re a veteran, a stay-at-home mom, or a retiree.

Buying a Travel Agency Franchise vs Going It Alone

Setting up a business on your own can be very rewarding – but it can also require a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time to build your reputation, gain trust  and start getting those good reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. You also need to build relationships with travel suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best deals for your clients. Plus, you need a website, logo, content and marketing materials, social media pages, payment and bookings systems – the list goes on!

When you become a franchise owner with Dream Vacations, all those things are already taken care of – that’s what makes us one of the best franchises for first time owners! You’ll have access to all the best deals from our trusted suppliers – everything from hotels, resorts and insurance to excursions, cruises and rail vacations – plus you’ll get a website, online operating systems, and regular marketing and social media material. All you have to do is bring a hard-working attitude and a passion for travel – we’ll provide the training and support you need!

The Dream Vacations Family

If you want to discover another amazing benefit of becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, how about having a community of colleagues just a click away whenever you need them? Our 2,000-strong Dream Vacations family is made up of travel professionals from all walks of life – some who’ve been in the travel industry for years and others who are establishing a travel agency for the first time. So, whether you need practical, professional or moral support, you’ll always be able to count on them.

There are so many perks that come with working in the travel industry! As well as discounts on your own vacations, you’ll have the chance to meet this amazing community in person during regular conferences and familiarization trips. You can share stories, swap advice and learn from the very best while touring some of the most enticing locations and cruise ships in the world

Join Our Growing and Supportive Community at Dream Vacations

Why buy a franchise business with Dream Vacations? Because you get all the benefits of having an established name with the freedom to do things your own way and in your own time. We’re rated the #1 travel agency franchise – just ask one of our 2,000 owners!

This is the greatest time to join our growing community of travel franchisees. If you’ve been dreaming of joining the travel industry, want to be self-employed but enjoy being part of a team, follow in the footsteps of 2,000 satisfied business owners and get in touch with our team today! Give us a call at 800-892-3928 or sign up to watch our webinar.