What is a Travel Franchise? The Travel Franchise Model 101

A Dream Vacations Franchise Owner holding a branded banner by the pool - what is a travel franchise?

What is a travel franchise? In today’s world, travel franchises can be modern, technology-focused and operate from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As a travel advisor, you can use the tools of the 21st century to your advantage alongside the classic personalized service that gives you a competitive edge. Here’s a breakdown of your options and what may be best for earning you money as an owner.

What is a Franchise Model?

Franchise models are an excellent way for first-time entrepreneurs to start successful businesses. You’ll get the support of a well-established brand every step of the way, and the ability to leverage their brand equity for your business.

An individual will partner with a business through a franchise model to open a new branch under the brand name. The franchise owner can use the brand’s logo, products, assets, services and more. The relationship between the individual and the brand is symbiotic; if the franchise succeeds, so does the brand – and vice-versa.

Typically, a franchise model begins with the individual applying to open a franchise and securing funds. The cost to start a franchise varies, but typically includes paying the business a start-up fee for the franchise, as well as other associated expenses depending on the type of business.

After the initial start-up, most franchises will also take a percentage of their revenue. In return, the individual gets ongoing support for key aspects like training and marketing, as well as the continued use of the brand name, products and services.

Typical Travel Franchise Model

If you’re wondering, “Should I buy a travel franchise?” the best thing to do is understand the many different franchise models available.

The most traditional form of a travel franchise is an offline travel agency, where you open up a physical location and have customers visit you in person.

Online travel agencies are opposite to offline agencies in one key aspect – these travel franchises operate entirely online. Travel advisors can work from home and communicate with customers via phone, video chat and email to book vacations. Online agencies are one of the best travel franchise opportunities because they offer flexibility for franchise owners and any employees they may bring on.

You may also encounter other types of travel franchises, though they are less common. For instance, wholesale travel agencies buy in bulk from hotels and airlines and then sell to offline travel agencies. Meanwhile, business travel agencies exist solely for corporate customers.

How Does Dream Vacations Franchise Work?

At Dream Vacations Franchise, we have a best-in-class travel agency franchise model. We offer an online travel agency opportunity, meaning all our franchise owners can work from home (or anywhere with an internet connection). Working online keeps start-up and recurring costs to a minimum.

All Dream Vacations Franchise Owners receive 100% of their commissions from selling vacations. Our travel agency franchise cost consists of a one-time start-up fee that starts at $10,500, with multiple discounts available. As long as you’re a part of the Dream Vacations Franchise team, you’ll continue to obtain ongoing support and resources.

Further, our Dream Vacations Advisor program makes our travel franchise unique. Advisors work as online travel agents for many of our franchises. Should you elect to participate in this program, we would pair an advisor directly with you as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner to work as a contractor. In return for mentorship and support, you would earn a commission for the sales your advisor makes.

Plus, at Dream Vacations Franchise, we encourage all our franchise owners to travel as much as possible to keep their knowledge up to date and build new experiences. To do so, highly discounted travel is available for franchisees to explore the world.

Get Started with Dream Vacations Franchise

So, what is a travel franchise? It’s a business model that allows you to create deeply personal relationships with customers to craft one-of-a-kind dream vacations. It’s a model that sets you up for success! If you are considering joining our travel community, sign up for our webinar to get started.