How Much Does It Cost to Start a Travel Agency?

Woman with binder smiling at someone out of frame - how much does it cost to start a travel agency?

Curious about what it takes to run your own business? Love to travel? You can combine the best of both worlds and become a travel agency franchise owner with Dream Vacations. You may be wondering, “How much does it cost to start a travel agency?” – you can rest assured that Dream Vacations is considered to be one of the best low-cost franchises in the U.S. Here’s how our home-based travel agency franchise does things differently.

Costs to Start a Travel Agency Franchise With Dream Vacations

At Dream Vacations, our low initial investment fee can be as low as $3,500, and we provide a wide range of generous discounts to keep our travel agency franchise cost reasonable for prospective owners.

  • Promotional: As part of an across-the-board promotion for all new franchise owners, we offer a 10% discount. 
  • Community Heroes: For active and retired first responders, medical professionals and educators, we proudly offer a 20% discount off our standard cost of investment.
  • U.S. Veterans & Military Immediate Family: Any prospective franchise owners who are veterans or active military immediate family can take advantage of our 30% discount for a total cost of investment. Additionally, Dream Vacations is consistently ranked as one of the best franchises for veterans by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Military Times and other trusted publications. 

Furthermore, if you are an experienced travel or hospitality professional, you can qualify for an even bigger discount off our standard travel franchise cost. Contact us today to see how you can save on your one-time investment!

Our Nationally Recognized Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Dream Vacations is nationally considered to be one of the most affordable franchises in the country. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine ranked Dream Vacations as a Top Low-Cost Franchise in 2022. The ability to work from home, keep low overhead cost, and avoid overpriced inventory purchases make our travel agency franchise an easy decision for many prospective franchise owners with the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for travel.

Without the support and resources of a highly successful brand name like Dream Vacations, travel agency startup costs can be costly if you’re starting from scratch. When you join the Dream Vacations family, you’re not just buying a franchise, you’re also joining a profoundly successful business model that provides you with the quality training, networking and marketing services you need to profitably run your business. Established in 1991, Dream Vacations works to grow your travel agency’s potential through our team of industry experts, innovative web-based technology and reputable business practices that have made us one of the best affordable franchises in the U.S.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Dream Vacations?

When you choose our travel agency franchise, the benefits are many. Dream Vacations provides new franchise owners with in-depth,multi-daytraining that can be completed either virtually or in-person. With more than 1,500 training courses accessible 24/7 through our learning portal, as well as ongoing in-person trainings given throughout the year, you can be confident you’ll have the necessary skills to be successful as a travel agency owner.

Beyond understanding the ins and outs of the travel business, Dream Vacations also supports your growth as a business owner. With the help of an assigned Business Development Manager, you’ll craft a personalized business plan and set goals for long-term expansion. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in securing any licenses or certifications that your state may require before you can start recruiting new clients.

We provide you with robust marketing support that includes lead generation, email marketing, print advertising and much more. Plus, when you choose Dream Vacations to start running your travel agency business, you’ll benefit from leaning on our trusted brand name to get yourself in front of prospective clients.

Get Started With Dream Vacations

With our low-cost franchise model and extensive franchisee network there’s never been a better time to invest with Dream Vacations. Are you ready to learn more about our travel agency franchise opportunities, how much it costs to start a travel agency with us, and become a franchisee? Fill out our brief information request or give us a call to get started!