Are There Any Incentives for Veteran Franchisees?

Elderly man in military fatigues on phone and PC - are there any incentives for veteran franchisees?

Attention military veterans! Is it time for a new direction in life? Are you on the lookout for meaningful work now that you’re no longer on active duty? Do you still have a sense of adventure and desire to see the world, and want to turn that passion into a flexible, rewarding way to make a living? If so, this could be the perfect moment to enlist as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner.

When looking at franchise opportunities, you should always ask, “Are there any incentives for veteran franchisees?” At Dream Vacations, we believe there should be, and we’ll support you by helping you turn the skills you’ve developed over your military career into a profitable and fulfilling business. Plus, as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you’ll be joining a brigade of passionate entrepreneurs where 35% of its members are fellow veterans and military immediate family just like you.

How Will My Military Experience Help Me as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner?

Chances are you already have many qualities that will make you a successful entrepreneur, especially as part of a franchise organization. Motivation, willingness to learn and a desire to help others are all traits that will put you on the path to entrepreneurial success. Add things like time management, organization and team leadership experience, and you have everything you need to start running your home-based business.

Self-discipline is another key trait in being successful at owning a franchise. As a military veteran, you are used to putting in the hard work! That will stand you in good stead, as building a business takes time, energy and commitment. Fortunately, with our military friendly franchises you’ll get your very own Business Development Manager who’ll have your back through every stage of this process. It’s having constant guidance and support from the headquarters team!

Communication skills are also essential – you’ll spend a lot of time talking to your clients and listening to all their travel dreams. Dream Vacations will provide you with the necessary training for you to feel confident and properly help your clients book their next dream vacations. If you’re looking to start a solo adventure while still having a support network and comrades around you, then Dream Vacations is the perfect opportunity.

Does Dream Vacations Offer Incentives Just For Veterans?

Dream Vacations wants to support you in your mission towards your dream lifestyle. As a reward for your service to the community, we offer a 30% discount on the initial investment, making us one of the most affordable franchises for veterans and military immediate family. When you buy a travel franchise with Dream Vacations, you’ll also receive an enlistment package worth $5,000, which includes all of your administration fees.

Additionally, you’ll have access to our exclusive command center where you’ll find veteran-specific marketing assets. You’ll be able to pass on your benefits in the form of free training for a business partner, plus bonuses and incentives for veterans and military immediate family to train as associates within your business. You also get to offer exclusive travel offers to your military customers.

If that wasn’t enough, Dream Vacations regularly holds an annual contest for veterans win free travel agency franchises. It’s just one of the many reasons we’ve been consistently ranked the #1 veterans franchise initiative by magazines like Military Times, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

What Are the Other Benefits of Being a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner?

As well as the bonuses you get as a member of our ‘Vetrepreneur’ community, you’ll also get everything that comes with being a regular Dream Vacations Franchise Owner. That includes all the training you need to set up and launch your business, support and mentoring from our leadership team, and opportunities for your own travel in the form of training seminars and discounted holidays.

As a self-employed, home-based business owner you’ll also have the freedom and flexibility to run your business your way. You can choose your hours, work from home and, best of all, you can take your business with you if you move or re-deploy. In other words, you can be your own general.

Could You Be Dream Vacations’ Newest Recruit?

You already have a desire to help others and probably a keen sense of adventure as well! If you’re not ready to retire, why not combine those passions with all your career experience and help others plan their adventures of a lifetime? Dream Vacations is proud to be one of the best franchises for veterans and military immediate family. So, drop us a line and speak to your nearest recruitment officer today!