What Industries Have the Least Expensive Franchises to Own?

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Thinking of starting up your own franchise? If you’re new to self-employment, or to a particular industry, this is a great idea, because aligning yourself with an established and trusted name can give you an enormous head start and a support network you can rely on. 

You may have already started researching the least expensive franchises to own in your chosen industry. Or, you might choose your industry based on which offers the best value for your initial franchise fee. Either way, you’ve got an important decision to make! 

Of course, there are things to consider alongside the financial investment – support, training, reputation and earning potential, for example. Across all those considerations, franchising – if you choose the right franchisor – offers a great way to get your foot in the door of a new industry and learn from the best as you go. 

So, which are the best franchises to own with low investment, and what industries are they in? 

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Franchise? 

If you’re thinking about starting up a franchise business, you’ll be in good company – statistics for 2024 show that almost 10% of U.S. businesses are franchises, and between them they employ more than 8.5 million people. The average initial investment fee required is around $250,000, with the most expensive industries being hotel and motel chains, restaurants and fast food outlets, gas stations and convenience stores and commercial storage facilities. 

The good news though, is that there are plenty to choose from that are significantly more affordable – in fact, some may only require a four- or five-figure sum to get started. The sort of industries where you’ll find franchises with low startup costs include cleaning and janitorial services, weddings and event planning, real estate and mortgage broking, and – perhaps the most fun industry of all – travel planning! 

What Are the Best Low Cost Franchises in Tourism? 

The travel industry may be one of the most coveted, and the “cherry on top” is that it’s a sector where you’ll find some of the least expensive franchises to own. Dream Vacations, for example, has opportunities starting from as little as $3,500 down. The total will depend on your background and experience, but if you’re a veteran, military spouse, community hero or experienced in the travel industry, you’ll qualify for some great discounts. In fact, Dream Vacations is often listed as one of the best veteran franchises under 10k

With a Dream Vacations, your earnings are commission-based. This means you’ll earn a percentage of every travel product you book for your clients, so hotel accommodations, cruises, travel insurance, tours, excursions and more will all earn you money. As there’s no cap on how much you work or how much you sell, there’s no limit to your earning potential. Travel planning is also one of the most flexible industries to work in, because you don’t need physical premises or even regular working hours – you can run everything in your own time from any device with internet connectivity. 

What Are the Other Perks of Being a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner? 

Alongside the low initial fee, entrepreneurs are attracted to Dream Vacations for a multitude of reasons. Our franchise owners love experiencing the world (that’s why they enjoy planning and booking itineraries so much!) and therefore can take advantage of the discounted travel available to them and their families. Some like to take cruises, some prefer theme park stays – either way, there’s plenty to choose from! 

There’s also the fact that when you join the Dream Vacations family, you’ll be part of a passionate, hard-working community of other business owners who are just as passionate about travel as you are! You’ll get to meet, network, and learn with them regularly at familiarization trips, conferences, and in our online community. Alongside a caring support team at headquarters, your community will always have your back throughout your Dream Vacations journey. 

Join Dream Vacations for Value and Community 

According to the travel industry forecast, 2024 is set to continue the trend of people traveling and spending more, particularly on comfort, convenience and immersive experiences. That means that it’s a great time to break into the travel industry!