Strategies for Generating Home Based Business Leads

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Operating a business from home is an amazing opportunity, and it requires consideration for the best ways to network, market to customers and make to connections while working remotely. With a comprehensive marketing plan, you can generate home based business leads and connect with customers in the best possible way.

Each individual marketing plan will vary based upon your goals as a business owner, but they should all encompass a combination of online and offline marketing, as well as public relations.

When you start a home-based travel franchise with Dream Vacations, you’ll have access to millions of dollars’ worth of award-winning marketing material that can be customized to fit your market and clientele! You’ll also be able to enroll in our on-demand eLearning courses to expand your knowledge of the travel industry and stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

Direct Marketing

Improving brand awareness and generating leads are some of the most important parts of any travel agency marketing strategy. If you’re wondering, “How do travel agents make money?” – a big part of the answer is by reaching customers with direct marketing tools. These strategies help franchise owners meet their goals, expand your client base and drum up business. Some tools and strategies to consider include:

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach a large volume of consumers with low costs. Customers are more likely to respond to personalized, interactive email marketing campaigns. Dig deeper into your metrics to find what you’re doing well and what you can improve on. With Dream Vacations, you’ll be able to leverage a robust email marketing program. 
  • Direct Mail Marketing: Direct mail pieces are a time-tested method of travel marketing. A physical mailer in a potential customer’s mailbox can be just the thing to sway them into a sale. Take advantage of postal incentives to reach customers at the optimal moment. Dream Vacations franchisees can leverage our best-in-class direct mail program that uses big data to get the right information in front of the right customer.
  • Website Promotion: As a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you’ll have access to your own Dream Vacations-branded website where you can direct customers to learn more about what travel options are available to them! Plus, they can find ongoing promotions, contests and exclusive offers right on your site, making it easier than ever for them to find their best vacation value with you. 
  • Social Media: All good businesses owners know that it’s vital to have a strategic plan for what you post and when. Use all the platforms available to you to reach as wide an audience as possible, and recognize what type of post works best on each one. Engage with followers through comments and shares to build a sense of community, which drives brand loyalty. 
  • Public Relations: Dream Vacations Franchise Owners get support to connect with local media and earn recognition in their local communities. You can use different types of digital media — including photos, videos and infographics — to engage customers and get your message across. 

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is the trail your business leaves behind on the internet and on social media. It’s the expression of your brand online. It encompasses everything from the domain names and social media handles you choose to represent your business to the reviews customers leave on sites like Google and Yelp and how you respond to them.

Increasing and improving your digital footprint requires dedication – and you can find tremendous support in this endeavor by becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner. Here are some tips for increasing your digital footprint while leveraging direct marketing tools:

  • Encourage Positive Reviews – Encourage customers who have had a positive vacation experience to leave reviews of their time working with you on your social media – such as on Google or Facebook.
  • Post Across Social Media Channels at Peak Audience Times – The most-used social media sites for businesses are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, so leverage these by posting content on all three. Video marketing is very effective, particularly for travel businesses, and Dream Vacations Franchise Owners can access a library of over 160 professionally-produced videos to allow clients to explore travel products.
  • Self-Promote With Public Relations Content – From press releases to industry updates, Dream Vacations Franchise Owners are kept up-to-date on key news that they can then share with their clients on social channels or through their local media outlets.


When you’re figuring out how to get clients as a travel agent, networking is one of the best ways to get referrals. It’s an integral part of any marketing strategy. Here are some ways Dream Vacations Franchise Owners can network and generate home based business leads:

  • Use Social Networking – If you have Facebook friends who frequently take vacations, let them know you’re in the travel industry and encourage them to share your information. Make “Vacation” boards on Pinterest and post pictures of beautiful vacation spots on your Instagram account. Everyone who follows your social media accounts is a potential lead.
  • Join a Professional Organization – There are different professional organizations for people in the travel industry, like the Cruise Lines International Association, American Society of Travel Agents or Professional Travel Agents of North America. Joining these can be a great way to meet and learn from others in your field.
  • Become a Travel Franchise Owner – Being part of a travel work from home franchise company like Dream Vacation will make implementing your marketing plan easier because of their extensive resources. Plus, you’ll have dedicated support staff and a network of fellow franchise owners who have a passion for travel career! They’re ready to cheer you on and share their own secrets to success, like how to find travel agent tax deductions!

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