Dream Vacations Travel Franchise Review – Carnival Cruise Line

Adolfo Perez - Carnival Cruise Lines - Testimonial Video Thumbnail

In this video, Adolfo Perez, senior vice president of sales and trade marketing at Carnival Cruise Line, shares why Dream Vacations Franchise is Carnival’s go-to travel agency partner. Dream Vacations Franchise won Carnival Cruise Line’s home-based agency of the year award last year.

Perez said of Dream Vacations, “When we need help doing something, you’re the one we go to. You have amazing marketing tools and technology to help you succeed and provide amazing support for Carnival.”

“Just like Carnival, you guys are a lot of fun. We also think you’re so knowledgeable and you know how to put the right person on the right cruise ship on the right cruise line. We really value what you do at Dream Vacations to do that for us.”

Perez also tells Dream Vacations agents that in addition to all the tools and training they get, they’re also joining a family.

“Thank you for your support and for being a truly amazing partner to Carnival Cruise Line!”