Carol Nunnery: From Selling Kitchen Appliances to Selling Travel in a Travel Agency Franchise

Featured image for post Carol Nunnery: From Selling Kitchen Appliances to Selling Travel in a Travel Agency Franchise

Multi-level marketing maven Carol Nunnery decided to make her passion her career when she opened her travel agency franchise.

Name:  Carol Nunnery

Year Joined Franchise: 2015

Prior Occupation:  Direct Sales MLM (Pampered Chef)

How did you transition from your prior occupation to starting a travel business and what did that transition look like? Did any of your previous skills carry over?  I purchased my travel agency franchise while I was still running a direct sales organization.  I spent 14 years building relationships. During that time, I earned a free trip each year based on sales and team-building accomplishments. These trips made me insatiable for travel!  As I transitioned to part time with my direct sales company; I worked full time re-branding myself in my community and on social media.  My previous skills carried over because I learned so much about sales and service being interchangeable. I had a successful business model and I simply crossed over. I understood how to run a home-based business.  It takes tenacity, time management, perseverance and product knowledge. I poured myself into learning as much as possible on popular travel brands both cruise and land.  I continue to train on demand.  If a client requests a certain product (cruise ship, itinerary, resort or destination), I make it my mission to become an expert.


What do you like best about owning a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise? I never get bored! I am always learning and planning an exciting adventure. I love the freedom and flexibility to make my own schedule.


Advice for somebody purchasing a franchise: When purchasing a franchise, be sure to place realistic goals. If you are someone who has never been self-employed, you have two roles. 1) To be the best boss you could ever dream of, be the most reliable employee you would ever hire and then SHOW UP! 2) You have to touch your business every day. You need to have boundaries and while you are in the building stage, you have to have laser focus and set 30-day, 90-day, 1-year and 3-year goals.  NEVER take your focus off your goals.


What is the best part about the support you get from Dream Vacations? All the staff at Dream Vacations are top notch.  They are very responsive to my needs and very approachable.  I love that Support Services has extensive hours and is available by phone, email or chat.  I use Savvy Sorter to do 6-8 mailings a year and I also take advantage of the co-op marketing funds to assist with sponsoring vendor events and advertising efforts. I’ve been in business two years and I’ve gone to two Regional Trainings and two National Conferences.  The training is invaluable and a great investment of time and money (PLUS it’s a tax deduction!)


What do you wish you knew before you started? I wish I knew how complicated it is to operate each individual vendor’s booking engine. Selling is the easy part of being a travel agent.


What’s Your Dream Vacation:   My Dream Vacation is a World Cruise!