Business Ideas for Veterans: Own Your Own Travel Agency

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After serving their country, veterans can return to civilian life and take up the opportunity to make a pivot in their career to entrepreneurship. At the same time, it’s a major lifestyle adjustment, so it’s important for veterans to choose a venture that allows them the freedom and flexibility to adjust. If you are a retired member of the armed forces exploring the various business ideas for veterans, consider starting your own home-based travel agency with Dream Vacations! Consistently ranked as one of the best – and most  affordable franchises for veterans, Dream Vacations offers veterans an opportunity to combine your love for travel and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Why Choose a Travel Agency as a Veteran  

If you’re like many veterans, your service may have involved being stationed overseas. This exposure to travel and other cultures can foster a sense of adventure that you’ll likely want to continue in your civilian life. Owning a travel agency is the perfect opportunity to continue pursuing your love of travel while helping others do the same. 

At Dream Vacations, we want to make it a smooth transition. We are one of the top franchises for veterans because many of the skills developed and used in the military apply to franchise ownership.  

This includes: 

  • Willingness to learn 
  • Motivation to do your best  
  • Time management 
  • Organization 
  • Self-discipline  
  • Leadership  

Dream Vacations is top-rated for veterans and is also considered one of the best franchises for first time owners, which is because we offer support from the very beginning for all aspects of the business. We want to set you up for a strong start into your venture with everything from world-class marketing materials to business development support.  

Military veterans are used to putting in the hard work, but as a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you are putting in hard work alongside an incredible support network. 

Are There Any Incentives for Veteran Franchisees

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a franchise opportunity is the cost. Dream Vacations offers special discounts to veterans, military spouses and first responders, which means you can get started for as little as $3,500.  

Additional incentives for veterans include: 

  • Low operating costs. After all, this is a virtual, home-based business model. You can work from anywhere! 
  • Keep 100% of your commissions. You’ll earn 100% of the industry’s highest-tier commissions.   
  • Reduced travel rates. Dream Vacations veteran franchise owners can take advantage of special, reduced rates so you can travel to new destinations, go on relaxing cruises and enjoy resorts at an affordable cost. 

How to Start a Veteran Owned Business 

Starting your own veteran-owned business begins with learning about the choices available and finding the best one that fits your news and lifestyle. As you explore the various business ideas for veterans out there, you’ll find that the Dream Vacations Franchise opportunity is a truly trailblazing one – allowing you to become a “travelpreneur” with all the support and tools that you need! 

We’re ready to give you all the information you need! Sign up for our webinar today to take the next step on your journey.