The Best Franchises to Own Under 100k

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When choosing which franchise to invest in, the cost is a major factor to consider. It’s important to note that there isn’t always a direct correlation between initial cost and return on investment. While that certainly is true in some cases, a high-investment franchise is not the right choice for every entrepreneur. Franchises with lower initial fees can offer additional freedom and flexibility – perfect for the creative, passionate entrepreneur. With its proven home based travel agency business plan and expert support, Dream Vacation Franchises is one of the best franchises to own under 100k.

What Makes a Great Franchise 

While cost is a top consideration, there are many factors that you should calculate when deciding on a franchise opportunity. Even if a franchise investment is under $100,000 and within your budget, you also want to consider whether it’s the right fit based on your unique situation.

For starters, you want to invest in a franchise that aligns with your interests, such as planning and taking vacations. More than ever, entrepreneurs who love to travel are able to combine this passion with a business venture. The travel industry continues to grow with some of the best franchises to own – including Dream Vacations. 

It’s the perfect franchise opportunity for anyone who is seeking flexibility, wants to work at home (or even beachside!), and is ready to be their own boss! 

How Much Dream Vacation Franchise Owners Make

When considering joining Dream Vacations, one of the first questions you should ask is, “how much do franchise owners make?” The honest answer is – it is up to YOU!

Since franchise owners earn a percentage of every sale they make as commission, how much time and effort they are willing to put in greatly impacts their income. However, there are a few additional things to keep in mind.

First, consider that commission often comes from base vacation packages, as well as travel protection packages, excursions, hotel stays, consolidated airfares, optional cruise features, all-inclusive resort stays, tours, travel insurance and more! 

You also want to think about how much a Dream Vacations travel franchise cost. It’s a high-value opportunity at a low cost. With low startup fees, you can get an incredible -and fast- return on your initial investment. Beyond the low fees, Dream Vacations also offers discounts for veterans, community heroes and military immediate family.

Finally, the initial investment covers a significant portion of what you need to get your business going. This includes support from a dedicated corporate team and a passionate community of fellow franchise owners. You also have unlimited access to flexible on-demand training courses and industry-leading online reservation and financial systems. Plus, we provide millions of dollars’ worth of award-winning, customizable marketing material to help you generate leads. All of this bundled into one investment means you a true all-in-one franchise opportunity. 

What It’s Like to Be a Dream Vacation Franchise Owner

Even if the price sounds right, knowing what the day-to-day looks like can help you answer the question, “Should I buy a travel franchise?” The great thing about Dream Vacations is that, as a franchise owner, every day can look a little bit different! 

Overall, here’s what you can expect in the day of a life as a franchise owner:

  • The flexibility to choose where and when you work–all you need is a laptop and internet connection!
  • Excitement at being able to help people plan their dream vacations. 
  • The chance to take “familiarization trips,” where you can experience new resorts, guided tours and cruise ships at significantly reduced rates in order to pass that first-hand experience on to your clients.
  • The freedom that comes with waking up every morning knowing that YOU are your own boss.

How to Invest in One of the Best Franchises to Own Under 100K

If you’re ready to start your own business at the best possible value, then Dream Vacations might be the right franchise choice for you!

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