Where To Start To Create Loyal Clients For Your Travel Agency Franchise

Home Based Travel Agent Talking With Clients

Superior service combined with personalized attention leads to customer loyalty. Think about a time when you experienced poor customer service. You probably vowed to never do business there again. Now, think about a time when you experienced excellent customer service. You’re probably a regular customer for that business. It works the same way for home-based travel agents.

To create that loyal client base, you will have to apply your skills – friendliness, organization, attentiveness and problem solving – to make sure each and every client experiences their dream vacation. Doing it with a smile on your face (even though your clients may not see you) and enthusiasm will help create a positive and memorable experience that will make the client think about working with you again when it’s time to take another trip.

Go the Extra Mile to Seal the Deal

After the client’s reservations are booked, touch base with them regularly to make sure they have everything they need before they leave. Remind them they can reach you by email, phone or text if they have questions or run into trouble while traveling. Touch base with them again after their trip to find out how it went.

Remember, travel is a passion that people love sharing with others. So your clients will appreciate you asking them to share their experience. Plus, you can use their insight to assist other clients.

Where Do You Start?

Start small and locally. Begin by booking trips for family and friends. They will want to help you achieve success and will likely recommend you to their friends. Network in the business community, too. By forging relationships with business travelers, their companies may turn to you with their travel needs.

As long as you provide superior service, you can count on those customers being loyal. And, loyalty breeds referrals.

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