What Are the Different Types of Travel Agencies?

Family walking to an airplane - what are the different types of travel agencies?

Does your family always ask for your advice when booking their next trip? Do you love travel and giving tips to friends on were to go on their next vacation? If you’re the person who everyone turns to for guidance when planning their next holiday vacation, you might have thought about starting your own travel agency. So, now the question you should be asking is, “What are the different types of travel agencies out there?”

Looking for the best  travel agency business model for you is the top priority you should focus when looking at the available options. On one hand, you have the option of starting a travel agency with a storefront, and on the other hand you have the option to start a home-based travel agency business. While both are suitable options, more people choose to operate their travel agency from a home-office as there are lower costs involved and the expense of having a storefront is not necessary to have a successful travel business.

Sure, there are travelers who will book their own flights and short hotel stays on their own, but for more complex vacations to unfamiliar destinations, savvy travelers rely on the convenience and experience of a professional travel advisor to help guide them and find the best value for their vacation needs.

Have you thought that, perhaps, the best travel agency franchise, is a one that provides you with options and flexibility? That’s exactly what Dream Vacations Franchise offers – a low-cost way to start your own travel business from a storefront or from home (your choice) as well as the flexibility to work when you want and from where you want. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of personally connecting with customers and guiding them through the booking process and guiding them toward the vacation of their dreams.

How to Start a Home-Based Travel Agency

If you love to travel and are looking to generate a secondary income for your household, you may be wondering how to start a travel agency. If you are looking for a home-based travel agency, Dream Vacations Franchise could be your answer.

The process to obtain the franchise is very simple. First, you get started by registering for a FREE 45-minute webinar on the Dream Vacations Franchise website, and then, if you like to move forward, you’ll work with a Franchise Development Manager who will work with you all along the way. Becoming a Dream Vacations franchisee is more affordable than ever; you can get started for as little as $3,500 down — a much more affordable fee than many other franchise opportunities.

Dream Vacations also offers several discounts and incentives, so be sure to ask your Franchise Development Manager to learn about which incentives you may qualify for. The most talked about perks for a Dream Vacations franchise is that you can operate from home, there is no inventory or overhead cost to worry about, plus you don’t have territory restrictions and you receive discounted travel perks for yourself.  

As a Dream Vacations Franchise owner, you have the option to incorporate independent contractors who will work as Travel Advisors under your agency to help customers determine which travel options are right for them. Like the franchisee, independent travel advisors can work from home with little to no start-up costs.

Benefits of Owning a Travel Agency

When you own your own travel agency, you automatically obtain a lot of benefits. The most important is that you get the satisfaction of connecting with people and personally guiding them as their travel dreams become a reality. Another big perk of Dream Vacations Franchise is the chance to go on “familiarization trips,” which allow you to develop that love of travel and experience new destinations, cruise ships, and resorts at significantly reduced rates. You can also work from the comfort of your own home and make money while doing what you love. As a Dream Vacations Franchise owner, you keep 100% of your commissions, which is the industry’s highest paid commissions. Overall, Dream Vacations Franchise might just be the best low-cost franchise business opportunity to consider. If you’re ready to learn more and become a Dream Vacations franchisee, fill out our brief information request or give us a call to get started!