Owner Tips: Building a Strong Travel Agency Company Profile

man and woman with Dream Vacations sign with a cruise ship behind them

Think about the last time you Googled a service you needed – perhaps it was a car repair shop, a hair salon or a sporting goods store. When you click on the profile of that business, you want to access all the information you expect and need. So, you can understand why building your travel agency company profile is critical to getting your travel business off the ground.

A strong travel agency company profile will outline who you are, who you help, what kinds of travel experiences you sell and explain why a potential client should work with you. It’s also a critical piece of any business owner’s overall business strategy. When potential clients find you online, whether that’s through a search engine or your social media profiles, they need to be able to find the pertinent info to understand why they should book travel with you! 

Should a Company Profile Be Part of Your Travel Agent Business Plan?

Absolutely. Your business plan should include strategies for getting the word out about your services — and a fantastic way to do that is a detailed travel agency company profile! 

What to Include in Your Travel Agency Company Profile 

  1. List the experiences/services you sell: If someone has an idea for a travel experience they want to purchase, they’re going to be looking for company profiles that match their needs. Be sure your profile includes what kind of travel experiences you connect people to, including cruises, resorts and tours. 
  2. Include your focus/niche: Most travel advisors choose to focus on a specific category or specific categories of travel – such as luxury vacations, cruises, theme park getaways or family travel. If this is the case for your business, include it in your business profile.
  3. Outline your credibility: What makes you a great travel professional? Maybe you’ve traveled all over the world yourself. Maybe you’re a veteran who’s familiar with the needs of military families. Maybe you have extensive experience in a specific country, like Mexico, or a particular travel type, like cruises. Now is the time to brag a little about yourself! 
  4. Include your brand elements: Keep consistent with your brand’s design and messaging. If you’re a franchisee with an established brand like Dream Vacations, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to maximize brand equity and recognition.
  5. Show clients how to say hello: Your company profile should also include information about how clients can contact you. Once they’ve read how awesome you are and are ready to plan their vacation, they need an easy way to reach out! 

How to Boost Your Travel Agency Marketing 

A travel agency company profile is one of many great marketing tactics. You should also learn more about social media plans, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising, and referrals from friends and family. 

At Dream Vacations, we offer extensive travel agent training and franchise support, so you can hit the ground running once you start your business. Our initial and ongoing education courses include helpful tips and resources to boost your marketing, like how to generate client reviews and how to use social media to find customers. 

When you can level up your marketing, you level up as an entrepreneur. Remember, the more clients that can find you, the more amazing vacations you’ll get to plan for them — part of why connecting with potential customers is so important! Best of all, by becoming a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to set, achieve, and exceed your marketing goals.
If you’re ready to join the Dream Vacations family and start your journey as a travel franchise owner, reach out to our team at 800-892-3928 or sign up for our webinar to learn more.