Travel Agency Business is Booking and Keeping Travel Alive

Women watching a flight depart the airport

Few industries can claim everyone loves what they sell. Travel is one of them. Through travel a person can meet new people, experience different cultures, taste food they’ve never tried before, and learn or practice a language. Travelers can challenge themselves, expand their horizons, clear the mind and, quite simply, have fun. It’s why the travel industry is booming and there’s a demand for travel agents.

The Demand is Huge
The proof is in the numbers: the U.S. travel industry generates $2.3 trillion a year and $683.1 billion of that is spent on leisure travel. Travel is also among the top 10 industries in terms of employment in the United States.
Thanks to this love of travel, more people are realizing the advantages of booking through a travel agent. Consumers are increasingly turning to travel agents for their expertise in connecting with vendors, booking flights, cruises, hotels and knowing exactly where to find great deals. Plus, travel agents save time, which is a precious commodity in this always on-the-go world.

Why Travel Agents Are Such a Hot Commodity
With the abundance of travel information available on the Internet, researching and booking a vacation for the average traveler can take hours. In fact, travelers spend an average of five hours booking a vacation.

Travel agents are playing a role in keeping the love for travel alive by saving travelers money, too. Travel agents save consumers an average of $452 per trip, according to research conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Because of their experience and relationships in the travel industry, agents often have exclusive offers and deals from vendors that you won’t find online.

Travelers who use an agent that is part of a larger organization, such as a travel agency franchise, are assured they have access to an entire network of professionals and exclusive vendors who also can provide first-hand experience and recommendations to the travel agent.

Discover your passion for travel with the flexibility of a home-based travel agency business. Check out our videos to see more benefits of being an at-home travel agent.

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