Top 5 Reasons Military Veterans Become Home-Based Travel Franchisees

Veteran Owned Business

There are many reasons why companies actively recruit military veterans to join their workforce, but what do military veterans want out of their career in the civilian workforce and how are their skills transferable? According to VetFran, there are 66,000 businesses owned by veterans in the U.S., of which 14 percent are franchises. The many similarities between owning a franchise and serving in the military make franchising a popular career choice. Here are the top five reasons military veterans become home-based travel franchise owners:

1. Liberal Dress Code – Military service members are told exactly how to dress for work. A home-based travel franchise owner has the flexibility to set their own dress code – this could mean business casual when working at home and meeting with clients or resort-wear when working virtually from an exotic destination such as a cruise ship or all-inclusive resort.

2. Flexibility – In addition to setting their own dress code, home-based travel franchise owners have the flexibility to set their own schedule. Instead of reporting for duty at 0500 hours, they can choose to work when they want and how often they want. While many prefer to have set hours and a regimented schedule, home-based business owners are not tied to a desk in an office and only need a laptop and a cell phone to conduct business.

3. Training – The thrill of victory on the battlefield and in the boardroom can be attributed to proper training. A thirst for knowledge can be quenched as a franchise owner because continuing education programs are endless. From on-demand training to webinars to in-person conferences, there are a plethora of ongoing educational resources that provide training on the constantly evolving travel industry.

4. Support – Let’s face it, in the military the people you serve with become your surrogate family and support system. Transitioning to the civilian workforce can be daunting, so it makes sense to seek opportunities that can provide a similar sense of camaraderie. This can be found in franchising – where you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As a franchise owner, not only do you have the support of the other franchisees in your network, but also of a corporate headquarters team whose sole business is your success. CruiseOne/Dream Vacations is more than a franchise system, it is a family of people who all love traveling and helping others. Our corporate headquarters team provides multiple layers of support and prides itself on the friendships forged over the years with our franchise owners.

5. Travel – Serving in the military provides endless opportunity to travel the world and possibly even live abroad. Military veterans can use their personal experiences to offer insider knowledge on specific destinations, as well as vacation recommendations. Not to mention, there are plenty of travel perks when becoming a travel franchise owner.

Military veterans who love to travel and have an entrepreneurial spirit can win a free travel franchise with Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General.