So Why a Cruise Franchise?

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Written by Milton B. Dunlop, Jr., Franchise Development Specialist

Why should I buy a cruise or travel franchise instead of just starting my own business? This is a great question! Are all cruise franchises created equal? The obvious answer is no as there can be many differences when comparing cruise franchises side-by-side. The concepts may look similar however there can be many distinct differences when comparing a cruise franchise opportunity. So I ask you again, is owning a cruise or travel franchise a better alternative than starting your own travel or cruise business from scratch?

Here are some of the top reasons to select a franchise opportunity if you want to own your own business.

  1. Franchises provide their owners with a proven business model, systems and processes with a track record of success. A franchise will offer their franchisees a quick startup with lower startup costs because of its proven business model.
  2. A strong brand name is one of the biggest advantages of franchising and will have value in the eyes of their customers. Customers like to buy from people and companies that they trust.
  3. A cruise franchise will have proven training programs that work and materials to assist you in getting your franchise up to speed much quicker than attempting to develop those programs on your own.
  4. You will be provided with a complete arsenal of professional marketing materials, forms as well as on-going assistance and mentoring. A dedicated and experienced team of experts is always just a phone call, text or chat away for immediate assistance. These proven programs and support will help assure that you get a return on your investment much quicker.
  5. As a franchise you will be able to take advantage of the enormous buying power from vendors created by a franchisor and its many franchised locations.
  6. Franchise companies have industry experienced staff in place dedicated to assisting you with ongoing operational support. You’re never alone and as a franchisee “you are in business for yourself just not by yourself.”
  7. The biggest reason to buy a cruise franchise is that it will help you avoid much of the risk involved with starting a new business on your own. After you have completed your due diligence, you will be able to determine with a fair amount of certainty what will happen when you become a new franchisee.

Some interesting cruise industry facts include:

  • Only 20% of US adults have ever cruised creating a large untapped market for continued growth.
  • Cruising has a 98% satisfaction rating – the highest of all travel products.
  • The cruise industry is growing at 8% annually.
  • It’s anticipated in 2015 that approximately 23 million passengers will cruise.

Do you have a passion for travel? Are you looking for a business with an untapped market? If your answer is yes then owning a cruise franchise is the best form of business ownership for most people with the flexibility to create a work-life balance you desire.