Rhonda Day, Franchise Owner since 2013, Louisville, KY

Featured image for post Rhonda Day, Franchise Owner since 2013, Louisville, KY

I love being part of the CruiseOne family and I would absolutely buy the franchise all over again! I am coming up on a two-year anniversary and it has been a wonderful experience. There are, of course, challenges as there would be with any business, but that’s to be expected. The thing about the challenges is that with CruiseOne you know there are people that “have your back” and support you in the good and bad times. Every experience I have had working with the staff at CruiseOne has been excellent. Everyone is positive and energetic. They really want you to succeed! They know that your success is their success, but I think it goes beyond that, I think they love their franchisees as people and as their family. Working for years in the corporate world I always longed for a true partnership with my company. I wanted to be successful and I wanted my company to be successful. With being a franchisee you really have the best of both worlds – the backing of WTH and CruiseOne, along with being able to map your own success because it’s your own business! I also love the support that comes from our peers and the Communication Center where many highly experienced franchisees are more than willing to share their knowledge with newbies. On top of a great business model and the backing of a world-class company, what’s not to love about being in the travel business? For me, I can’t find a thing!