Peg Andrules, Franchise Owner since 2004, Gurnee, IL

Featured image for post Peg Andrules, Franchise Owner since 2004, Gurnee, IL

“I was very fortunate to have met my husband on a cruise back in 2002! Many changes were happening in my life at the time, including a career change. I had worked in the travel industry many years ago so I was somewhat familiar with the industry. I have always wanted to return to travel but the right opportunity and perfect company just never fell upon me until I came across a wonderful travel agent at CruiseOne; she was the one who recommended the cruise I met my husband on! It seemed too good to be true that the cruise travel business would be my new career for my life together with my new husband. Owning and operating a CruiseOne franchise has been a perfect fit. My husband will be retiring in a few years and joining the CruiseOne family to work full time on the next chapter of our cruising life!”