Merging an Existing Business with a Travel Agency Franchise – An Event Planner’s Story

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For the past 20 years, Eddie Diaz, CSEP, ACC has owned a corporate event planning firm. As a certified event planner, he travels extensively with clients so having a travel agency franchise as a secondary business made sense. Both businesses work hand-in-hand and complement each other.  

Eddie found his transition from one business to another was seamless in some aspects. Having worked and still as a Destination Event Producer and Event Planner helped tremendously. Still even with the slight experience advantage, Eddie found that owning his own franchise comes with its own set of responsibilities. He found he was learning how to work with a new set of clients, demands and expectations. There is a significant difference between doing corporate clients or groups vs. individual shoppers. In the end, a business is a business. No matter the type of business essential skills like good communication, dedication, passion, clarity, and a desire to succeed remain universal laws.

What Eddie loves best about owning his travel agency business is that much of the branding leg work has been done for him. All he has to focus on is sales and business development. The franchise model offers resources, marketing assistance, education and complete support. Eddies notes, “When I started my first business, I didn’t have any of these things. I had to figure out things on my own. This is a great perk to buying into a franchise. The systems are in place for you to plug and play.”

Eddie believes the best part of being part of Dream Vacations is the abundance of resources. All areas of your business are supported and covered. You are not alone! From the digital documents available and online training to conference calls and the robust back office engine, you have all the tools to make this business whatever you decide it to be.

Eddie’s advice to anyone considering a franchise is to do their homework. “Research the product, compare and evaluate. Learn about the company’s founders, understand their vision and culture. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and more questions until you feel comfortable. Owning a franchise is a big commitment and one has to be certain of the choice. In the end it has to feel right, and you need to want it.”

Eddie’s Dream Vacations are the Northern Lights and a World Cruise.