Juggling It All, Life as an Online Travel Agent

Man and woman juggling on a beach at sunset.

By Janet Harris, CFE –  Senior Franchise Development Specialist, CruiseOne

Managing your work-life balance can be difficult with just one job, but for those with multiple jobs, it can be even more formidable. If you have launched a part-time business, such as an online travel agent, here are some tips for handling common challenges as you grow your online travel agent business while juggling a day-job, family and/or the business of modern life.

Utilize travel agency technology to access your booking system and clients when you are remote from your home office. Subscribe to visual voice mail and other tools to connect with clients via smartphone, tablet or return calls during a lunch hour or when your children are napping.

Take downtime and schedule yourself free time between your business day and resuming your time spent as an online travel agent, in the evenings and on weekends. Self -care and relaxation are critically important to those working multiple jobs. Ask for help from friends and family members to share the load and allow time for you to pursue your passion as an online travel agent.

Enhance all your skills. Connect the dots between your vision and your multiple jobs. Look for how your professional experience and interests relate to your goals for growing your business as an online travel agent.

Stay up to date on industry trends. The travel industry is fast paced and ever changing and you must respond to your client demands and desires. With their access to internet researching, you want to be the online travel agent expert. Staying educated on travel destinations and products is critical to demonstrating your value.

Remember what motivates you. If you are working part-time as an online travel agent, you will need to work smart to build your business to where you can grow it a full- time career. Make sure you have aligned yourself with an organization that has professional tools and support to help you from juggle it all!