How to Decide on a Cruise Destination

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You’ve decided to book a trip with your favorite cruise franchise, but where should you go? Selecting a cruise destination depends on a number of things including the time of year you’re traveling, the activities you like, and the type of trip you want to experience. Here are some tips on how to decide on a cruise destination.

Time of Year
There are cruise destinations for every time of year. Depending on when you’re looking to travel is what could determine where to book and with which provider. Different companies sail to different destinations depending on the season. If you’re looking to take a trip in the winter months, especially if your native climate is cold, opt for a tropical destination like Mexico or the Caribbean. Looking to sail in the spring? Book a trip to Europe. Places like Belgium or The Netherlands are perfect for spring travel. In the summer, sail the melted waters of Alaska. Not only will the weather be more enjoyable, you’ll be able to experience the state during a magical time of year. Excellent cruise destinations for the fall include Hawaii or the South Pacific. Though these destinations are beautiful year-round, the climate is more temperate during this time of year.

Do you want to consistently be on the go when the ship is docked? Are you interested in exploring the mainland as an adventurer or as a tourist? The amount and types of activities you enjoy should dictate the sort of trip you book with your favorite cruise franchise. If you’re interested in exploring the natural landscape of your ports of call, book a trip that visits locations that lend themselves to ecological exploration. And, make sure the time at each port is long enough for you to truly experience the terrain. Looking for more of a tourist’s experience? Book a trip that stops in places offering loads of shopping and cultural experiences. These ports will be well-populated and geared toward pleasing the tourists that frequent them.

Your budget will certainly play into what kind of cruise you’ll select. Thankfully, there are truly cruises for every budget. Shorter cruises tend to be more budget-friendly, as well as those that stick closer to the original port. For example, cruises leaving from ports on the East Coast and sailing to the Caribbean are a bit cheaper for Americans than flying or sailing to Europe. In addition to the destination and length of trip, one must consider what types of upgrades or amenities their budget can handle. Interior cabins with interior views are more budget-friendly options while rooms with a sea view and/or balcony will cost a bit more. Nearly every cruise franchise offers options that include food, but some provide alcohol at an additional charge.

Before you book, be sure to check what’s included in your trip from food, to drinks, to activities. If you keep your “extras” to a minimum, then might be able to pick a destination further away or an upgraded room.
Whether you stay closer to home, or go off on a grand adventure to far-away lands, your cruise franchise will do everything to make sure you have a great time. Enjoy!