Home-Based Business Franchise Ideas

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The entrepreneurial mindset is alive and kicking in the US, with one in four Americans running a side business. Today’s freelance economy makes it easier than ever to do something on the side, from making jewelry to freelance graphic design to working as a travel agent. And, with 69% of entrepreneurs starting their businesses at home, your kitchen table is a great place to kick off a fun side hustle that can also bring in some extra money.

A home-based franchise may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

What is a home-based franchise?

For those looking for a side hustle they don’t have to build from scratch, franchising may be a great option. It’s a versatile and popular business model that makes up almost 4% of all small businesses in the US. Franchising is when an established company or brand (franchisor) allows a business owner (franchisee) to use the licensor’s brand and business methods to distribute products or services.

Franchises give you a head start because you often have existing branding, marketing materials, and name recognition right out of the gate. And, there are numerous home-based franchise options out there in almost any industry.

Types of Franchises

Just about any type of business can be franchised, but most fall within five major types:

  1. Service Franchise – Typically a home-based or low-investment franchise that can be run by a single person. Examples: travel agency, cleaning, corporate event planning, children’s services.
  2. Product (or Distribution) Franchise – Primarily used with large products like cars, appliances, vending machines, etc. The franchisor acts as the supplier. The franchisee distributes the franchisor’s products and can use the trademark, but doesn’t receive the whole method of doing business. Examples: Texaco, GoodYear Tires, Ford, John Deere, Pepsi.
  3. Business Format Franchise – The most common and popular type of franchise, where the franchisee uses the franchisor’s trademark and also gets the entire system to operate the business (marketing methods, detailed plans and procedures, training, and support). Examples: fast food, retail, restaurants, business services, fitness.
  4. Investment Franchise> – Generally large-scale projects that require a large capital investment. Examples: hotels, larger restaurants, resorts, auto rental businesses.
  5. Conversion Franchise – Independent businesses in the same industry that convert into franchise units and adopt trademarks, marketing, training, etc. Examples: real estate brokers, florists, professional services companies, home services (plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc.).

What is the most profitable franchise to own?

Big-name franchises like McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A offer the chance to earn a good profit on name recognition alone, but require hundreds of thousands of dollars to start. Fortunately, for most people looking for a part-time business, there are many home-based business franchise opportunities that require much less money up front, but can still earn a good return on your investment in the long run.

Here are some home-based franchises that hit the mark in terms of cost and profitability:

  • Dream Vacations – A great fit for those who love to travel and want to make a living at it.
  • Complete Weddings + Events – Allows franchisees to tap into the massive wedding industry.
  • Showhomes Home Staging – Make vacant homes or homes for sale look magazine perfect—and earn money while doing it.>
  • TSS Photography – Build a business taking school and sports team photos.
  • Motto Mortgage – This franchise connects loan originators and real estate agents to make the mortgage process simpler for homebuyers.

Whether or not buying a franchise is a good idea depends on what you’re looking for. If you are thrilled by the challenge of building something from the ground up and controlling every aspect, then a franchise might not be for you. But, if the idea of a ready-made business that lets you skip some of those challenging first steps sounds less stressful and more secure, then a home-based franchise might be a perfect fit.

Is owning a franchise profitable?

Owning a franchise can be quite profitable. Of course, that means that many owners make more, or less. Owners pay themselves after taking care of all other expenses.

There are many factors that go into assessing the profitability of a franchise. Make sure you fully understand the costs involved, including initial startup costs and royalty fees. Take a look at the industry, because some are more profitable for franchises than others. And, also factor in the time you want to dedicate to your franchise business.

Do franchise owners have to work?

Starting a franchise is different from starting your own business from scratch, but it’s still a business and you will need to work in order for it to succeed. Like any other business owner, franchise owners are responsible for all aspects of the business.

Be prepared to manage details from accounting to customer service, and everything in between. Franchise owners typically wear many hats and oversee all of the business’s daily operations: ordering supplies, preparing payroll, meeting with customers and vendors, resolving discrepancies, booking events/trips, etc.

How much time you must dedicate in order for your home-based franchise to be successful is dependent on what your goals are. Do you want to earn some extra money on the side with part-time hours, or do you want your side business to replace your day job? That will determine how much work you will need to put into your side hustle.

25 Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

Now that you know more about what it takes to run a franchise, here are some home-based franchise ideas in a variety of industries:

    1. Dream Vacations – Travel agent services
    2. American Business Systems – Medical billing
    3. Healthy YOU Vending – Healthy vending services
    4. Coffee News – Weekly newspaper distributor
    5. Shack Shine – Exterior home cleaning
    6. Hommati – Real estate agents services
    7. Bricks 4 Kids – Education program for children
    8. The Dog Wizard – Dog training services
    9. U.S. Lawns – Landscaping services
    10. MaidPro – Residential cleaning services
    11. Seniors Helping Seniors – Non-medical home care
    12. Pop-A-Lock – Locksmith services
    13. Budget Blinds – Window coverings
    14. Kona Ice – Mobile frozen desserts
    15. Tailored Living – Organization and storage solutions
    16. Mac Tools – Mobile tools sales
    17. Window Genie – Window and home maintenance
    18. CertaPro Painters – Painting services
    19. Kitchen Tune-Up – Cabinet remodeling and improvement
    20. Young Engineers – STEM based children’s education
    21. Pet Wants – Pet food delivery
    22. Restoration 1 – Home restoration services
    23. Blue Coast Savings Consultants – Business consulting
    24. American Poolplayers Association – Recreational billiards
    25. Chem-Dry – Carpet cleaning

Find the Right Home-Based Business Franchise for You

It’s natural to ask, “Which is the top home-based franchise?” The answer depends on you — your interests, your time investment, and your goals. Fortunately, there has never been more home-based franchise opportunities to choose from. It’s a great time to explore your interests, follow your passions, and become your own boss!