Franchise Review – L’anda Johnson

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We value our clients, and helping you to help them book their dream vacation is what we do best. Take a look at some of the unique opportunities Dream Vacation offers its travel agents in this brief video, which highlights some of the benefits one of our travel agents enjoys.

L’anda Johnson is one of Dream Vacations’ many passionate home-based travel agents. L’anda balances a full-time job along with her Dream Vacations franchise job which she refers to as her “passion job.” She genuinely likes working with her clients and helping them get the best deals for their vacations. And that’s how we all feel here at Dream Vacations.

With a new addition to her family—her baby boy—a Dream Vacations franchise is the perfect side job for L’anda because it allows her to schedule her work around her son’s needs. In much the same way, Dream Vacations’ customer service team works to take care of any issues that may come up, allowing L’anda to work closely with her clients and focus on their needs.

L’anda also notes that, thanks to the Dream Vacations franchise infrastructure, she has all the connections and knowledge she needs right at her fingertips. Whenever there’s a problem or an unanswered question, she knows who to go to.

“The relationships we have with suppliers—being able to have all of those connections and being able to reach out to someone with a phone call or an email when I have a question—is hugely invaluable and something that someone starting on their own would never have,” says L’anda. “And they magically do everything which gives me the time to work with the client and make sure they get what they need.”

Looking to start your own travel agency franchise like L’anda and all of Dream Vacations’ other wonderful home-based travel agents? Check out what Dream Vacations can do for you!