Former Police Officer’s New Beat is Selling Dream Vacations

Featured image for post Former Police Officer’s New Beat is Selling Dream Vacations

 After 30 years on the Police Force and always coordinating group cruises for friends and family, Bryan Villella decided he could plan vacations himself for profit. He started his travel agency business part-time while still employed at the Sheriff’s Office. He eventually was able to retire at 49 with a pension and higher income as a travel agent than in his previously dangerous career. From wearing a badge and carrying a gun as a police officer, to wearing a backpack and carrying a passport, Bryan saw the possibilities.

While Bryan has been an agent for nearly 20 years, he can’t stress enough the importance of the travel agent training that Dream Vacations provides and its positive impact on his business. He believes the training opportunities in person, at conference and online give you the ability to educate yourself on any product offered to clients. In addition to participating in ongoing training, Bryan has grown his business through referrals and additional sales opportunities provided by headquarters.

Bryan loves that as a travel agent, he has the opportunity to travel the world at a moment’s notice. He takes part in several last-minute travel opportunities at deeply reduced rates, and as a result has been all over the globe. He shares his personal experiences with clients in such a vivid way that it increases his sales to places that he has been.

To all who are embarking on a new journey as a travel agency franchise owner, Bryan reminds you that it is important to be patient. It takes some time to build up your clientele to a level of profit. Any new venture takes time.

Bryan’s Dream Vacation is a trip to the North Pole to see polar bears, penguins and the Northern Lights.