A Perfect Match: How Adriana Zak Built a Dream Career with Her Travel Agency Business

Adriana Zak

Adriana Zak always knew she wanted to work for herself. After working as manager of an events center, Adriana knew it was time to follow her own dreams. She opened her own travel agency business in June 2016, and thanks to Dream Vacations, she’s drawing on her experience in wedding planning to build a niche in destination weddings, honeymoons, and romance travel. Adriana is building the career of her dreams, and here’s how:

Why did you decide to open a franchise agency business?

I am a very hard worker and always give 110 percent to whatever I do. After working at the events center for several years, I came across this quote: “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.” I realized that this was true in my own life: every day I was working so hard—not to realize my own dreams, but to make my employer’s dreams come true. That is when I knew it was time for me to start my own business.

By the time I made the decision to move forward with this new career, I had done a lot of research into travel franchises. I spoke to other Dream Vacations travel franchise agents, conducted tons of online research and made comparisons; I felt prepared to take the plunge and join the best travel agency franchise. My franchise travel agency has given me the chance to make my own dreams come true as the owner of my own business.

How have your skills carried over from your previous career?

The event planning center I managed specialized in weddings, so I’m using that experience to find a niche in the travel market. I have experience working with brides and planning weddings. So, I am focusing my travel franchise on destination weddings, honeymoons and romance travel.

What is one thing you wish somebody told you before you opened your travel agency?

Luckily, I have not had any “I wish I would have known that” moments because I was expecting all of the ups and downs and learning curves associated with owning my own business. I knew it would be hard work as all new business are when you first open.  I have been able to learn and keep moving forward. I am still very green and new but I keep learning every day. With every new booking, I learn what not to do and what works.

What resource at HQ has contributed most to your growth and why?

I am so thankful and grateful for the support from our headquarters team. I have learned so much at the summits and regional trainings, not to mention all of the information given to us on the Business Center. The promotions that help us differentiate ourselves from our competitors are amazing. What I learn from the other travel franchise owners is unbeatable, and that speaks volumes about Dream Vacations travel franchises.

What advice do you have for a travel franchise owner who is looking to grow their business?

Take advantage of all the resources you have from headquarters and with other travel professionals.  Everyone is ready to help you and guide you.

What advice do you have for somebody looking to own a travel franchise?

It was the right decision for me. I love what I do. You must be a “people person” who loves to sell, talk, make relationships, and most of all, do research. This travel agency business is amazing. I feel like I belong to a great family. As I mentioned before, the support is amazing.

What is your Dream Vacation?

I have so many! I have not done much traveling, so as you could imagine, I want to go everywhere. But if I had to pick one place, it would be Peru.