Dream Vacations Franchise: Virtual Franchise Opportunity

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Imagine living a life of wonder, traveling the world as you please, planning marvelous vacations, and operating your very own successful franchise from anywhere in the world. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

The Dream Vacations’ franchise is an online travel franchise opportunity that allows you to travel the world, plan remarkable vacations, and be your own boss without any prior experience in travel or entrepreneurship.

This home-based travel business doesn’t require you to invest in any inventory, it has no overhead, and it doesn’t call for a dream-crushing 9-5 schedule spent staring at your off-white cubicle walls.

Advantages of an online travel franchise opportunity

Dream Vacations’ online travel franchise opportunity provides a long list of advantages to its members. In fact, the list is so long that we couldn’t possibly cover it all in one blog post, but for your quick reference, we’ll list a few …

  • We will train you to be successful
  • We will boost your franchise with award-winning marketing
  • We will provide you with web-based business tools, so you can work from anywhere

Travel Experiences

By this point, you might be looking into starting a cruise franchise opportunity, but the truth is that we’re so much more. As an online travel agent, you have an abundance of experiences you can sell to clients all over the world. You’re not just creating a cruise vacation, you’re creating…

  • Destination packages
  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Shore excursions
  • Travel protection
  • Special events
  • Escorted tours
  • Weddings

With so many different travel experiences, there are so many different ways you can succeed! And hey, if you prefer approaching this solely as a cruise franchise opportunity, we’re not going to stop you! That’s the beauty of being your own boss.

Travel the World

Being part of a travel agency franchise opportunity means traveling — a lot. It means experiencing new cultures, acquiring a taste for authentic cuisine, and touring the most popular destinations. We know; it’s a real drag, but it comes with the title. The least we can do is provide our franchise owners with the resources they need to make it happen. As an online travel agent, you can expect to receive significantly-reduced travel rates, so you can become familiar with what you’re selling.

Seize the Opportunity

Are you ready to take advantage of this online travel franchise opportunity? Congratulations, we can’t wait to have you with us. Contact us to get started today!