Debby Hughes, Franchise Owner since 2007, Big Bear City, CA

Featured image for post Debby Hughes, Franchise Owner since 2007, Big Bear City, CA

I definitely made the right decision when I decided to purchase my CruiseOne Franchise. My sales have increased every year since then and I now have a thriving business with a flexible schedule that I can operate from anywhere. Gaining a deeper education through travel is very important to me and I love sharing the world with my clients, whether they are first-time cruisers or experienced travelers. The travel opportunities that come from owning my franchise help enrich my knowledge of various destinations and suppliers and the experiences so far have been amazing! It takes a certain type of entrepreneur to run a successful CruiseOne franchise. You must be self-motivated, patient, willing to work long and hard, love to travel, and be willing to hold your clients’ hands as they experience the dreams that you’ve helped create. This business has been more than I ever bargained for, both in the labor required as well as the rewards. Being able to help someone who is terminally ill cross an adventure off their bucket list… coordinating a family reunion that will generate life-long memories… getting to cross exotic destinations off my own bucket list… there are just a few of my most recent highlights, and I’m confident that many more await me.  I didn’t purchase a canned business model from CruiseOne, but with the support of the team at our headquarters office, I own a world of opportunities that is constantly evolving and limitless!