David Frost, Franchise Owner since 2014, Panama City, FL

Featured image for post David Frost, Franchise Owner since 2014, Panama City, FL

“I decided to become a business owner while on Active Duty to both supplement my income and to grow my business so I can have a sustainable income in the event that I eventually separate from the Air Force.  I’ve always had the strong desire to own a business and experience the freedom that comes with that.  I finally found that freedom when I joined the CruiseOne family. The military has taught me a great deal of attention to detail and stress management which has been VERY useful since I got started.  I was on my third cruise and that’s when it clicked that I should be involved with the travel industry.  The franchise option appealed to me because I didn’t know the first thing about booking vacations for people.  I liked the idea of having a corporate support system and family of fellow franchisees who could help me grow. But most important, you can find an answer for everything if you know where to look.  I like the freedom of setting my own work hours and making my own decisions.  I like being able to use my creative mind in my advertising techniques and lending a hand to people who are vacation-planning, I just love helping people! Their support system is top-notch, great relationships are already established with different vacation suppliers and, not to mention, veterans are eligible for a discounted franchise fee!  There is a reason CruiseOne is rated one of the top franchises for military veterans.”