Cory Hardy, Franchise Owner since 2014, Columbia, SC

Featured image for post Cory Hardy, Franchise Owner since 2014, Columbia, SC

“The U.S. Air Force provided my family and me a sense of camaraderie. No matter where I was around the world, I had a supportive group of men and women that became my family. This is what makes the military great and this is what makes CruiseOne great. When my wife and I were deciding to join CruiseOne, the selling point was the support that we would receive; and after my initial phone call with a Franchise Development Specialist, I was sold and that sense of camaraderie still continues to this day.  At CruiseOne, a man or a woman is never left behind. Once we joined this family, I can truly say I have brothers and sisters that I can call anytime and they will be there to help. The military helped me with this sense of camaraderie and now each and every day I get up knowing that my customers are more than customers they are family.”