Becky Piper, Franchise Owner since 1996, Strongsville, OH

Featured image for post Becky Piper, Franchise Owner since 1996, Strongsville, OH

“My husband Dale and I joined CruiseOne in 1996 so you may consider us moldy-oldies in the company. I work with the clients and Dale does the bookwork and we both plan marketing efforts. When we were trying to make the big decision whether to buy a franchise, we asked ourselves what is the worst case scenario if this doesn’t succeed? Once we were able to face that possibility, we were comfortable with moving ahead and bought our franchise. We were both blown away when we went for our initial training after we joined, it’s really comprehensive, and if you forget something there is always someone at headquarters you can call and refresher training is always available. After 12 years, there are some days where I need help. I call them my brain dead days! All I have to do is call and they are there to help me with whatever I need. Our booking engine is exceptional thanks to our IT department. The many marketing resources we have at CruiseOne help us to reach out to current and prospective clients and we choose the ones that work best for us. There is even a Sales Development Team Leader personally assigned and available to assist me. They help brain storm ideas related to marketing and sales. At CruiseOne, we really are like a big family, the tips and ideas that are shared amongst the franchise owners have helped me immensely in my business. Our annual national conferences are like “old home week” and we have a ton of fun while learning about what’s new in the industry. The level of respect CruiseOne has with the cruise lines is exceptional. We are proud to be a Franchise Owner with CruiseOne and are overwhelmed when we think of all the great people we have met and the experiences we have had since joining.”