5 Easy Tips to Becoming a Successful Travel Agent

Travel Agent Working on Computer at Home

Opening a franchise is a mutual partnership. While a franchisor provides the tools and resources, a franchisee needs to be motivated and put the tools into action. The beauty of owning a franchise is that no prior industry experience is required; the franchisor will provide you with everything you need to be successful. This includes training – both business and industry-related, infrastructure, technology, marketing, support and more.

Owning a home-based travel agency has its rewards and its challenges. Here are five easy tips to help you become a successful travel agent:

  1. Network. Network. Network. Most likely you are operating your travel agency out of your home. Don’t wait for business to come to you; it may be a while if you do not have a presence in your community. Get out there and join networking groups and civic organizations. Make sure everybody knows who you are and what you do.
  2. Know Your Basic Geography. While you don’t need to know countries and their capitals, have a general idea of the different regions of the world. This will help first in asking qualifying questions when clients say they want to travel “somewhere warm” or to Europe, and ultimately in making informed recommendations of places and countries for them to visit
  3. Travel the World. The best way to sell a product is to experience it and provide first-hand recommendations. Being a travel agent affords you the opportunity to travel the world at a discount by taking advantage of special travel agent rates, FAM trips and Seminars at Sea. FAM trips and Seminars at Sea provide you with in-depth, on-location education about the destination you are visiting.
  4. Choose a Niche. As you dip your toe in becoming a travel agent, you will need to study a lot and learn about all of the different cruise lines and destinations that people may want to travel. One way to make this manageable, and to differentiate yourself from the competition, is by specializing on one product or niche. It is best to select something that interests you – not only will it make you more eager to learn, but you will be excited to experience the product and sell it. This can be as specific as identifying a single cruise line to sell or as broad as genre of travel such as wellness or multigenerational travel.
  5. Join a Franchise Network. Being part of a travel franchise means you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Joining a franchise comes with a built-in support system of a corporate headquarters team and hundreds of other travel agents. Plus, being in a reputable franchise system means you have immediate brand recognition and access to exclusive promotions as a result of the buying power associated with being affiliated with a larger organization. Have a passion for travel, an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy socializing with others? Sign up for a webinar to learn more about owning a dream business such as the Dream Vacations travel franchise opportunity.