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It’s All About YOU

At Dream Vacations, you’ll soon discover our philosophy in helping YOU succeed in the travel industry is different. It’s not about us, it’s about YOU. Our focus is YOUR business. Our focus is YOUR success. Our focus is YOU getting recognized as the best travel professional in your market. Simply put, our focus is YOU and YOUR profits.

Considering which travel agency franchise will provide you with what you need to succeed takes time and research. We recommend doing some comparisons and digging in to ask the hard questions. On average, our Franchise Owners earn 30% more compared to our direct competitor*. The bottom line – with which franchise will you be able to earn the most commissions and receive dedicated support?

Take a good, hard look. When considering which travel agency franchise is the best fit for you.

  • What is the overall revenue within the franchise system?
  • How many franchisees are there? Does the franchisor have enough HQ support staff for the number of franchisees?
  • Is the franchisor in the business of aggressively taking on more franchisees or are they experiencing slow, controlled growth to ensure the best support system for their existing franchisees?
  • Does the franchisor disclose financial information (Item 19 within the FDD) for you to determine overall franchisee economics?
  • Are the existing franchise owners happy and does the overall culture and core values of the franchise match yours?

*Based on the 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for each brand disclosing commissions earned by franchisees in 2017.  Comparing the 2018 CruiseOne/Dream Vacations FDD to the 2018 Cruise Planners FDD.

These comparisons are only some of the differences you’ll discover in other Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) which franchise companies expect you to (or some hope you won’t) read through. This is your business – you’re in control so why not be informed?
This all results in YOUR bottom line – there is no debate – look at the numbers for yourself, they are at your fingertips in each of the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

*Existing Travel & Hospitality Professionals – Get Started for $495 or $3195 – Contact Us to See Which Initial Fee You Qualify For

Expert Agents get onboard with us for just $495

Dream Vacations is Consistently Ranked as a Top Travel Franchise.

The Advantage of Becoming a Franchise Owner

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